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My Father Cedros Deluxe Eminentes Reviews [view details]

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A strong robust tasting cigar. Keeps getting better the longer you smoke it. Do not hesitate to buy this one!
SD in Long Island, NY April 19, 2013
"Few better"
Few times have I ever been so dissappointed as I was with this cigar...since it was finished and I had to leave it. Very sad. It was that good. While not a sweet cigar so to say, the cedros wrap gives the cigar finish a near cedary syrupy character. That said, the No.2 overall was a slighlty better performer throughout. However I enjoyed the final words of the Cedros Eminente more so. Best cigars I've smoked in years. ps, the aroma is more FULL "flavourerd" than the cigar. I cannot classify this as a FULL anything except flavour due to its' creamy character. Not overly creamy, but perfectly creamy. (not as creamy as a Don Diego Privada No1 or 2. On the draw, with a Bolivar being perfect, I'd score this one a 93. This ones touchy as some folks prefer a simple draw, while I enjoy the draw of the Bolivar as top notch with a good solid meaty core, but not so that it's difficult at any point. On the burn with an Avo being perfect, I'd score this a 94-95. The appearance is nothing short of stellar in the cedros wrap, the cigar is beautiful Constructed as well as any Partagas
Paul in Huntington, WV May 6, 2012
"bedt opus x alternative"
Fantastic smoke. Firm draw even burn excellent taste that lasts for the entire smoke. Less expensive than the opus x. I love it.
in October 28, 2011
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10 Construction (94) 100
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