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My Father Reviews

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My Father No. 1 5 Pk
This is the I cant even get through it. This is hands down the best of the best. I lit this beauty up expecting something good and what I got was a cigar that made me sit down and simply enjoy everything about it.
AndRun in Tx May 10, 2012
My Father No. 1
"My Favorite Cigar"
My Father No. 1 has been my favorite cigar for a few years now. I always have some in the humidor, as my goto stable. It's spice, wood, coffee flavors are a blend of perfection. For me, it is the perfect size for an after dinner cigar. It has great balance and draws wonderfully!
The Camel in Kirkland, WA May 8, 2012
My Father Cedros Deluxe Eminentes
"Few better"
Few times have I ever been so dissappointed as I was with this cigar...since it was finished and I had to leave it. Very sad. It was that good. While not a sweet cigar so to say, the cedros wrap gives the cigar finish a near cedary syrupy character. That said, the No.2 overall was a slighlty better performer throughout. However I enjoyed the final words of the Cedros Eminente more so. Best cigars I've smoked in years. ps, the aroma is more FULL "flavourerd" than the cigar. I cannot classify this as a FULL anything except flavour due to its' creamy character. Not overly creamy, but perfectly creamy. (not as creamy as a Don Diego Privada No1 or 2. On the draw, with a Bolivar being perfect, I'd score this one a 93. This ones touchy as some folks prefer a simple draw, while I enjoy the draw of the Bolivar as top notch with a good solid meaty core, but not so that it's difficult at any point. On the burn with an Avo being perfect, I'd score this a 94-95. The appearance is nothing short of stellar in the cedros wrap, the cigar is beautiful Constructed as well as any Partagas
Paul in Huntington, WV May 6, 2012
My Father No. 1
"The Best. Period."
Jaime and Pepin Garcia scored a perfect 10 on this one. This is my go to stogie when I want to have a perfect smoke and don't want to leave it to chance. The draw, consistency, taste, and burn are always perfect. The My Father No. 1 is as good as it gets.
Tony in Texas April 25, 2012
My Father Cedros Deluxe Cervantes
"So good..."
Tony in Texas April 25, 2012 April 6, 2012
My Father Cedros Deluxe Cervantes
"This is the box fellas..."
Buy a box as soon as you can. Seriously. Do it now.
Andrew S in Boulder, Colorado April 6, 2012
My Father Cedros Deluxe Eminentes
"bedt opus x alternative"
Fantastic smoke. Firm draw even burn excellent taste that lasts for the entire smoke. Less expensive than the opus x. I love it.
Andrew S in Boulder, Colorado April 6, 2012 October 28, 2011
My Father No. 1
"Excellent, but you need to sit while smoking"
I am generally a maduro guy, but I have to say "WOW" to the My Father No. 1. Draw was perfect on all in the 5 pack I bought. Very full flavor, so you better grab a seat for this one. This is definitely a box worthy smoke.
Rick in Prairieville, LA October 27, 2011
My Father No. 4
"Pleasantly surprised"
I was definitely pleasantly surprised by this cigar. I was worried that a full bodied smoke like this would be too harsh for a novice like myself. I'm by no means an expert but the taste, aroma and burn of this cigar make it a "must smoke". I'll be purchasing more of these in the future for sure.
Joe in Fremont, Ohio August 24, 2011
My Father Limited Edition Toro
"Perfect Cigar"
This is the best cigar made in 2010 hands down! It's even better now that I got the full story behind this cigar from the man himself; Don Pepin at the Hispanic Cultural festival in Coral Gabels. I enjoy this cigar and recommend it to everyone!! If you have a chance get a whole box there is only 2400 of these EVER made. They are unique and will soon be no more. Why are they so special? These were rolled by two of the "cuban finest" Don Pepin and Jaime Garcia. Price? Dont worry about the price is well worth spending it; it will be wonderful experience. Pepin/Jaime Muchas gracias por su producto. Que Papa Dios le de mucha salud y fuerzas para que continuen con sus talento.
Wil Salgado in Marine Corps September 30, 2010
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