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My Father Reviews

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My Father Limited Edition Toro
"Great Cigar"
I smoked one on Friday and another on Sunday. For a fresh cigar it was very good and I believe they will be great cigars after aging for at least a year or two. They were hard to locate but I wound up getting my hands on 5 boxes. After trying the first two I went on a hoarding mission and got as many boxes as I could. The first box cost me $250 but the four others averaged $700 each and will stay in my humidor for the next few years. My friend thought I was nuts until he tried one. Can't wait to see how well they turn out. I would have rated the taste around 95-97 but it only allows for increments of ten. I'm sure it will be 100 after aging.
Rich in Rockaway, New York September 15, 2010
My Father No. 1
I first read about this stick in Cigar Aficionado's top 25 list for 2009. I believe this stick came in the top 10 but don't quote me here. I smoked one yesterday at my local cigar lounge. Let me tell you folks, this was a fantastic smoke. I smoked it nearly to the end. I am definitely planning on keeping a box of these in my humidor for personal use ONLY- be selfish with these babies!
Aaron in Little Neck, NY August 1, 2010
My Father No. 1
"Very Enjoyable"
This cigars was recommended to me by a gentleman in a cigar shop in Palm Springs while we were there recently on vacation. So smooth and yet full of flavor. Great draw with a plethora of smoke. This has become my new favorite. Saving my pennies to buy a box!
PJ in Central Oregon July 20, 2010
My Father No. 4
"Pepper builds"
Extremely well made, enjoyed flavor of first half, but way too much pepper for me, in the back of the throat, as I worked through the 2nd half. Don't try on an empty stomach!
Steve in Cincinnati May 2, 2010
My Father No. 2
"Delivers as a premium smoke"
I'm a bit partial to Padron 64's, but I decided to pick up a My Father No.2 the last time I visited my local cigar shop. The cigar appeared great - a medium-brown wrapper with inconspicuos veins. After cutting it, I experienced a perfect pre-light draw, which remained so after lighting from start to finish. The cigar greets the palate with cream, leather, and coffee notes. A medium bodied smoke IMO, without any bitterness or unwanted aftertastes. A very even burn until the final third - It required a quick "touch up" to even itself out. The cap cracked when I initially cut it, but it did not seem to have any appreciable effects on the burn or flavor of the cigar. I will be trying these again soon and I recommend them without any reservation.
Tony in Rochester, MI October 25, 2009
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