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My UZI Weighs A Ton Reviews

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MUWAT 5x60
Excellent full-bodied stick. Nearly flawless construction, great draw. Worth every penny.
Greg in PA August 23, 2012
MUWAT 5x60
"Good smooth smoke with some strong notes ."
I tried the size 7 My Uzi Weighs A Ton a couple weeks ago and enjoyed the slow burn, easy pull, bold flavor,and tight roll.
adam in San Marcos Ca June 27, 2012
MUWAT 7x60
Smooth! Effortless draw from start to finish! Lots of smoke at foot and head. Ash only dropped off twice from start to finish! Lots of full flavor but not hard on the mouth! great cigar!
Geldy in Detroit June 21, 2012
MUWAT 7x60
"Not My Favorite"
Beautiful looking stick but in the end It was "Just OK" with burn issues starting at about 1" in ... It was a lot of effort for a 3 plus hour smoke. I was exhausted by the end and it tasted "Just OK".
EMO in UpState NY June 4, 2012
MUWAT 6x60
GREAT CIGAR This smoke is a must try. It starts out very smooth, then changes to a taste of that of a bowl of fruit or that of a bouguet of flowers.
Ron in Georgia May 31, 2012
MUWAT 6x60
"Very good."
Don't get me wrong! This is good cigar but it's just not a good as the 5x60. Still, Uzi is still a good smoke and to not try one is... well... just wrong.
Big Moose in Lawrenceville, IL May 29, 2012
MUWAT 5x60
"Tour de Force!"
An incredible cigar! It starts out succulent, like a dry aged steak, well rounded. Then, the fun begins. A quarter of the way in your rewarded with a very pleasent cappuccino favor. The flavor then morphs again at about the half way point and it gets earthy with a very faint floral character. If it's taste your looking for, you found it with this one. This cigar will not disappoint.
Big Moose in Lawrenceville, IL. February 13, 2012
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