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National Brand Churchill Reviews [view details]

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The national chrchill is sweet, which is a good thing...not sweet like "sugary" sweet, more like delicate sweet. The aroma is what I'd call creamy, and the burn is fantastic! Perfect for beginners, disappointing to novices. I've been smoking cigars avidly for one year and will gladly suggest this cigar to pretty much anyone..
clay in texas August 19, 2012
"Consistently a good cigar for the money!"
My brother and I split a bundle of these that we picked up at a smokeshop in Newnan, GA years ago. These are good smokes for the price and very consistent over the years. We have never gotten a bad bundle.
Tab in Oak Ridge, TN November 30, 2011
""Of tastes there is nothing written...""
Well, call me Ishmale, but my brother Doug and I really enjoyed these smokes. Smooth, MILD, and a really good price.
Paul in Alpha, New Jersey October 5, 2011
"No Thank You!"
Horribly, horribly sweet! *gag* As you might have guessed, if you've read any of the other reviews, this particular cigar pushes the limits of just how sweet you can make a cigar. Just to give you a baseline, I prefer a fairly mild cigar with a bit of spice to it. This cigar is mild, and sweet... too sweet. It's like smoking a sugar cane! On the plus side, I have to say it constructed reasonably well. Only buy this if you like VERY sweet cigars. I'd suggest trying Hamiltons House Selection instead (which also gets some lousy reviews). I've only had one (Torpedo), it was alright, rather sweet also, but at least it had some body and spice (also its cheap, $2 maybe).
John Wait in PA August 25, 2006
"Nothing Natural About It..."
Want to smoke an old candy bar???? If so, here's your cigar!!! Not good at all. To be fair, I don't like sweet cigars. But I honestly don't see how ANYONE could enjoy this cigar. Someone once told me that Drew Estate was a reputable distributor. Based on the Acid line and these pixie sticks I think that it may have been a 4 year old. I can't recommend.
Shawn in Orange County, CA February 2, 2005
"extremely dissapointed"
The old saying; You get what you pay for is never more true than buying cigars....the entire bundle was dead dry and tasted like it..harsh and bitter.Perfect giveaways for those who haven't a clue...I thought I could find a small diamond in the rough due to price, but I would suggest keep looking...
craig graham in ft worth texas November 12, 1999
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