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National Brand Reviews

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National Brand Churchill
"Consistently a good cigar for the money!"
My brother and I split a bundle of these that we picked up at a smokeshop in Newnan, GA years ago. These are good smokes for the price and very consistent over the years. We have never gotten a bad bundle.
Tab in Oak Ridge, TN November 30, 2011
National Brand Rothschild
"Good overall"
Very nice smoke after the first few draws. Also bitter at the band.
Jim T in South Carolina November 13, 2011
National Brand Imperial
"Of tastes there is nothing Written"
Call me Ischmael, but my brother and I REALLY liked this smoke. Great value, draw,not bad taste, good construction, burned evenly. Its not an Ashton, but what would be at that price? Solid 10
Paul in Alpha, NJ October 27, 2011
National Brand Churchill
""Of tastes there is nothing written...""
Well, call me Ishmale, but my brother Doug and I really enjoyed these smokes. Smooth, MILD, and a really good price.
Paul in Alpha, New Jersey October 5, 2011
National Brand Lonsdale
"one of the best mid price sticks avail"
for the price great very consistent good draw and flavor
N Molina in texas May 25, 2011
National Brand Rothschild
"Consistantly Good"
A reliable smoke. Very consistant from one after another. Can smoke these all day long without bite or bitterness. Very enjoyable and relaxing smoke.
Darryl Brown in Charleston,SC February 13, 2011
National Brand Toro
"another great cigar! thanks camacho factory!"
I have been smoking National Brand cigar for years. great cigar for the money! thanks to the Camacho family.
James Brewer in Annapolis, Maryland January 24, 2011
National Brand Corona
"Great Smoke!"
National Brand corona cigars are absolutely a fantastic everyday smoke. I started smoking these a couple years ago and haven't been able to get into interested in other cigar as much as this one. It's a great, cheap cigar that is also great for social events. I am currently stationed in Kuwait. Before every mission I go on, my buddies and I all get together to have a cigar. The cigar of our choice 9 times out of 10, is the National Brand.
Shane Gladding in Camp Buehring Kuwait. January 13, 2011
National Brand Corona
"Very enjoyable everydat smoke, any tine of day!"
Best bargain in Famous'stable of sub-premiun cigars. An absolute steal for the mild-bodied smoke. Get a bundle pronto!
Ken in Valdosta Ga. January 10, 2011
National Brand Rothschild
As an every day cigar, these are as good as you can expect. I have had three orders of these and they are consistantly good even burn, easy draw and full of flavor
Steve in Tampabay December 30, 2010
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