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National Brand Reviews

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National Brand Imperial
"Pocket the difference-Lease a Mercedes"
I may not have smoked all the cigar brands, but I've smoked most of the expensive ones.Upmann,Macanudo,LaGloria Cubana(DR) At 5 cigars a day,it adds up big time. What if there was a really good cigar for $2. Smoke a National or two, or ten.Your cigar dealer.s loss is your Mercedes dealer's gain. You'll love the smoke (and the ride).
al blase in Davie, FL May 24, 2010
National Brand Corona
"Consistently good -- a winner"
I smoke cigars ranging in price from $2 to $16 a piece, and have been buying and smoking gars for about 11 years. This National Brand easily ranks in my top five favorite cigars. It is ALWAYS in one of my humidors.
Tennessee Joe January 7, 2010
National Brand Imperial
"Not Many Any Better"
Have been a Baccarat smoker for quite awhile and wanted to look at something else for my everyday cigar after pricing jumped up. Decided to give the Maduro Rothchilds a try, WOW! Where have these been for the price. Just as good as my Baccarat at a much lower price. You can't go wrong with these if you like the Baccarat! Same Factory, Generic Pricing!
Randy in Chicago November 21, 2009
National Brand Corona
"Good every day"
Nice smoke. Not too stout with a sweet cap that goes away after a few draws. Burn is even and consistant with each one. A little bitter towards the end.
Dave in Athens, AL October 6, 2009
National Brand Churchill
"Thank Heaven I found you!!"
I am thrilled! Consistentcy plus here. Nicely rolled, excellent taste and satisfaction. Smooth reliable burn, and an aromatic after scent. Thank heaven I found you!!
Ken in Scranton, Pa. January 12, 2009
National Brand Churchill
"A New Found Friend"
I have moved from Maroma, which was great at one time but has somehow changed drasticly, to N.B.'s Churchill. From the first taste to the smell of her tobacco hanging in the air, this one's a pleasure! Consistently. Doesn't run, doesn't burn out and the draw is perfection itself.
Ken in Scranton January 7, 2009
National Brand Rothschild
"amazing!! , with plenty of flavor."
curiousity killed the big spending, let me explain . i'll make a bet with all my fellow smokers who leave feed back here on this site that they can,t taste the difference, smoke a national brand rothchild maduro then lite up a baccarat rothchild maduro. ( hint )sorry these come with simple bands and no fancy boxes.this is what a good every day stogie should be.these smoke great out of the cello wraps and even better after time in the humidor . the flavors are deep dark coacoa, coffee bean and spicy tabbaco pepper and the burn is consistant with no fuss and no muss. go a head try one of these sticks. i'll bet youll be back some day for another .
A .Puente in visalia ,ca December 13, 2008
National Brand Toro
"Won't Buy These Again"
I purchased a bundle of these cigars based upon reviews on this site. Like another reviewer said for this particular cigar, I wasnt expecting the "sugar coating" on the end-cap. Yuck. Couldn't stand it. Also, this was probably the worst constructed cigar I have ever smoked. Very loosely rolled, on the verge of being mushy. I smoked the first 3 of the bundle and just couldn't force myself to smoke anymore. I threw the remaining 22 cigars in the garbage. Lesson learned.
Mark in Michigan September 13, 2008
National Brand Soberano
"Great cigar for little money."
I recently received a bundle of National Brand Soberano. I have smoked about 10 of them and I can honestly say they are a tremendous value. They are well constructed, they draw very well, and the taste is better than I expected from an inexpensive cigar. I will be buying another bundle soon. They have become my main cigar.
Joe in Des Plaines, Il July 20, 2008
National Brand Churchill
"Beats out the Premiums!"
I have smoked hundreds of these cigars, and find the sweetness refreshing but not too strong, the draw is perfect, the contruction good, and most of all, I never have to throw one away... the consistancy is awesome. I have stopped buying $8-$15 cigars, because I always come back to these! Oh yeah... but the band is cheap looking.. put a luxurious band on it, and no one would doubt it for triple the price!
Kendall in Yakima WA June 14, 2008
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