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great smoke enjoyed it
chris in Birmingham;AL July 6, 2014
"Great Smoke!"
National Brand corona cigars are absolutely a fantastic everyday smoke. I started smoking these a couple years ago and haven't been able to get into interested in other cigar as much as this one. It's a great, cheap cigar that is also great for social events. I am currently stationed in Kuwait. Before every mission I go on, my buddies and I all get together to have a cigar. The cigar of our choice 9 times out of 10, is the National Brand.
Shane Gladding in Camp Buehring Kuwait. January 13, 2011
"Very enjoyable everydat smoke, any tine of day!"
Best bargain in Famous'stable of sub-premiun cigars. An absolute steal for the mild-bodied smoke. Get a bundle pronto!
Ken in Valdosta Ga. January 10, 2011
"Consistently good -- a winner"
I smoke cigars ranging in price from $2 to $16 a piece, and have been buying and smoking gars for about 11 years. This National Brand easily ranks in my top five favorite cigars. It is ALWAYS in one of my humidors.
Tennessee Joe in January 7, 2010
"Good every day"
Nice smoke. Not too stout with a sweet cap that goes away after a few draws. Burn is even and consistant with each one. A little bitter towards the end.
Dave in Athens, AL October 6, 2009
"Overall a great cigar!!!"
This cigar is sweet and mild. Not to strong but strong enough, and has a sweet cap that stays sweet for a few minutes. It takes about 35 - 40 minutes to smoke and that is my only complaint about this cigar. Great value on a great cigar. National Brand is in my top five list.
Orlando M in Texas November 28, 2005
"no bargain here"
Not worth the trouble. Initial taste was OK and medium strength. However, the finish was harsh and bitter. Overall, the cigar tasted a bit "green". Perhaps some humidor time would help. Draw was good but there were some soft spots in the construction that resultd in burn problems. Could not finish it. I'm willing to pay more to get a good smoke.
DaveG in Mount Laurel, NJ January 1, 2004
"Ultimate everyday gar! Hands down!"
This cigar is the best under a dollar cigar I have ever smoked! I have smoked various Cuban cigars (yes from Cuba and some from Miami) This cigar is better. Don't believe me...give them a try. At less than $1.00 each you can't go wrong.
Terry in Virginia Beach April 22, 2002
"Great value, excellent cigar!"
These are a very tasty cigar. Beautiful Connecticut wrapper and construction. If you like Baccarat cigars, you'll love these. They taste exactly like the Baccarat petit corona. One of the best bundled cigars out there!
Carl Jones in Illinois June 20, 2001
"Good cigar, Great price"
I was first attracted by the budget price and then was very pleasantly suprised by the cigar overall. I found the taste to be mildly sweet, very similar to a Baccarat and the draw great.
Jon Lewis in Fresno, Ca January 11, 2000
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10 Taste (85) 100
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10 Construction (85) 100
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