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"Too Sweet and too mild"
I thought that these were the ones that my ex used to get for me. I realize that it was a crap shoot for me, but if you like a full flavored cigar, pass these up. They taste like lighting a candy cane, to me. The only thing that I care about is taste, so that is the only thing I scored.
Allan Mills in Oklahoma January 31, 2014
"Can't be beat for the price, a super buy."
Read the reviews and decided to give them a try. Burned well, not too strong, not too mild. Highly recommend for those who want quality without paying a premium price.
John in Fairfax, VA April 12, 2013
"Good flavor!"
I have better things to spend money on than high-priced cigars, so I'm always looking for quality at a low price. National Imperials deliver. The flavor was a surprise: sweet and smooth! And 25 to a bundle makes this a very good deal.
Rob in Texas December 31, 2012
"Pocket the difference-Lease a Mercedes"
I may not have smoked all the cigar brands, but I've smoked most of the expensive ones.Upmann,Macanudo,LaGloria Cubana(DR) At 5 cigars a day,it adds up big time. What if there was a really good cigar for $2. Smoke a National or two, or ten.Your cigar dealer.s loss is your Mercedes dealer's gain. You'll love the smoke (and the ride).
al blase in Davie, FL May 24, 2010
"Not Many Any Better"
Have been a Baccarat smoker for quite awhile and wanted to look at something else for my everyday cigar after pricing jumped up. Decided to give the Maduro Rothchilds a try, WOW! Where have these been for the price. Just as good as my Baccarat at a much lower price. You can't go wrong with these if you like the Baccarat! Same Factory, Generic Pricing!
Randy in Chicago November 21, 2009
"a cigar smokers dream."
for price and taste you can't go wrong with National brand.
barry in westchester il. April 30, 2008
"Good Smoke"
Maduro had a little more flavor than Natural. Still had to take frequent hits to keep it lit. Would recommend Maduro over Natural. Heck of a deal at a $1. Too long for me - wonder what Rothschild is like.
Mike in California October 4, 2003
"Very good...for the price."
I was intrigued by the price of 50+ ring maduro and thought I would give it a try. Flavor is spicy and definitely Honduran, draw is good but burns a bit unevenly. A fine cigar for those times when you are not paying a lot of attention to the cigar. Still, too good a cigar to hand out to non-cigar-smoker. I will buy them again.
George Basbanes in Lowell, MA April 5, 2000
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10 Construction (80) 100
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