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National Brand Rothschild Reviews [view details]

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"Best value stick out there"
This is the best stick under 3 dollars that you are going to find anywhere. Great looking cigar that was much more complex than I was anticipating. Starts out with a kick of pepper and then moves into a vanilla earth base, which then changes again into a very nutty second third followed by a blending of flavors which almost come to a hint of cinnamon. The finish was amazing with almost an alcohol creamy flavor. If you are looking for the best budget smoke, look no further. I will be buying more.
Chris in June 7, 2012
As an every day cigar, these are as good as you can expect. I have had three orders of these and they are consistantly good even burn, easy draw and full of flavor
Steve in Tampabay December 30, 2010
"amazing!! , with plenty of flavor."
curiousity killed the big spending, let me explain . i'll make a bet with all my fellow smokers who leave feed back here on this site that they can,t taste the difference, smoke a national brand rothchild maduro then lite up a baccarat rothchild maduro. ( hint )sorry these come with simple bands and no fancy boxes.this is what a good every day stogie should be.these smoke great out of the cello wraps and even better after time in the humidor . the flavors are deep dark coacoa, coffee bean and spicy tabbaco pepper and the burn is consistant with no fuss and no muss. go a head try one of these sticks. i'll bet youll be back some day for another .
A .Puente in visalia ,ca December 13, 2008
I have been keeping these on hand in my humidor for a few months, and has become my everyday favorite, even beating out some of the more expensive brands. I just recieved a bundle from FSS, and right out of the bundle they are still an incredible smoke for the price. Great construction, even burn, perfect draw and topped off with nice medium bodied flavors. I would recommend these to anyone who is looking for a great smoke at a great price!! Thanks FSS!!
Mark in Upstate NY November 8, 2006
"I love these, but....."
I love the flavor of these, the only problem is the sweetened cap. I just lick the cap, wipe it off a few times, cut it and go. I can look past the bother for this amazing smoke. I don't care for the natural leaf version, but the Maduro is one of my all time favorites.
Mark in Hicktown, MI September 23, 2006
"National Brand Rothschilds - good smokes!"
I've bought and smoked several bundles of National Brand in the natural wrapper and also the Nicaraguan blend (red label) in the rosado wrapper. The natural wrapper Rothschild has a mild-to-medium body, clean flavor, excellent burn, very easy draw and fine construction (if a little bit toward the loose side). The darker Nicaraguan label has a more medium body, spicy overtones of flavor but same dependably good burn, draw, & construction. These are two "discount" cigars which I like for everyday smokes. They give me a good baseline from which to judge the more expensive premiums. So far, each National Brand cigar has lived up to expectation without any "clinkers". I have paid $58 a bundle before finding them on internet, and considered them worth it.
Brewster in Brentwood, CA July 15, 2006
jIMMY kOLODZIEJ in WESTMINSTER cO. January 25, 2000
"Well made, good draw, short on taste"
Gentelmen, I just received my first bundle. I have so many of my Golfing buddies bumming cigars I thought this would be the answer for keeping up their habits without driving me to the poor house. I think these will work OK. In general I find them to be a good cigar for the price. The two things I don't like about them is the band and the taste. The name National Brand which is displayed on the band just rained down abuse from my buddies. National needs to catch-up and rename these. Something more exotic. Regarding taste,they do in my humble opinion miss the mark. If they had a little more flavor I would be buying these 4 bundles at a time. The overall rating amoung the 3 guys I play golf was 3 out of a possible 10. I may not be the best to comment on taste because I'm a big fan of Bering a full body cigar. Next to Bering these come up to light and dry for me. Never fear I will buy more. I still have my 3 golfing dependents to supply.
Rich Vierra in Tualatin, Oregon September 29, 1999
"Wow Great Cigar.... Havana Gold....Lookout!"
Very well made,great tasting cigar. Honduran handmade but I'll bet it's Dominican tobacco. Tastes and smokes very similar to Havana Gold Muduro. I just bought 3 boxes.
Mike Piersimoni in Pennsylvania August 9, 1999
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10 Consistency (79) 100
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10 Draw (87) 100
Poor - Excellent

10 Appearance (85) 100
Poor - Excellent

10 Taste (84) 100
Poor - Excellent

10 Construction (86) 100
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