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Natural By Drew Estate Reviews

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Natural By Drew Estate Maduro Egg
"pretty good"
ok i tried one a lot of smoke... draw is good smokes well but very stong almost had to put it out cause it makes me choke worth the $15 bucks no....would i try it again maybe if the price went down maybe ill try the Natural one ill give it a 6
dan in south of boston ma July 26, 2014
Natural By Drew Estate Clean Robusto
"My favorite cigar"
Love the sweet flavor, smooth smoke. My favorite cigar !
Louis in Ferranti July 10, 2014
Natural Root Deluxe
"Good cool smoke"
Good cool smoke very good and easy draw,but burns a little fast.lite great taste
Major in Alabama May 28, 2014
Natural By Drew Estate Egg
"An odd egg at that ~ Clearly in a class of itself"
My Egg came included in an Auction purchase that was filled with many Name Brand cigars that had been stored away in the basement of an old Victorian house long abandoned by a family with too much worth . It looked aged but somehow maintained its integrity = great care was put into making this odd egg. I babied it for six months rehumidifying it along with the other dried out aged smokes. The first puff made me smile and it held true to it s two hour enjoyment claim. I put it up high on my list of surprising and satisfying stogies. For sure it is not for everyone, it s shape alone will separate the herd with most shying away from it due to appearance alone. I recommend this only to my more seasoned cigar connoisseur friends. Yes, a cork was quickly pulled on my finer Brandy. It was an experience rather than just another smoke with friends who share the enjoyment that can only come from a quality smoke. Age may have played a part with this one s tastse. I will know how it compares to it s more modern Family. I say enjoy one but prepare before you embark on it s journey. Make the time and correct compliments to get the full value an Egg Offers.
44 Dan in Dewey May 15, 2014
Natural By Drew Estate Dirt Torpedo
"Looks good, tastes great"
This has become my favorite cigar. I love the taste. I haven t had one yet that hasn t burned even and I m a sucker for the torpedo shape.
Karl in Melrose Park May 5, 2014
Natural By Drew Estate Dirt Torpedo
I smoke many types of cigars mostly reg. tobacco cigars but the dirt torpedo are a nice change every now and then I enjoy a sweet desert
dan in stevens January 26, 2014
Natural By Drew Estate Dirt Torpedo
"Great all around smoke!"
I was introduced to this cigar 5 or 6 yrs ago and fell in love with it. It has a very pleasant aroma, and very full of flavor with out being too strong. I would buy a box a month if I could afford it.
stogiemedic in Hendersonville, NC January 9, 2014
Natural Elixir 5-50
"Wrapper is too sweet"
Looks great in the individual glass containers, but the wrapper most probably infused, since the flavor diminishes over time is way to sweet, tasting like a Swisher Sweets. The tobacco in the filler isn t too bad, with a mild profile and not too much complexity yet good consistency throughout and making for an even burn. The binder didn t seem to add anything to the flavor profile. I d rather smoke flavored pipe tobacco than having to put my lips again on this wrapper.
Stefan in City by the Bay November 1, 2013
Natural By Drew Estate Root
I received this cigar as part of the 'Best Of Drew Estate' Sampler #3. I like the Drew Estate brand in general but this cigar was a bit of a disappointment. It has a nice easy draw which I like and a good even burn - but after that it was a bit downhill. I had a bit of a more bitter and leathery taste. Maybe some people like that - I tend to like a sweeter smoke. And the foot began to unravel as it went along. I received 2 as a part of the sampler - I guess I'll give the second one a chance at some point. Maybe it was just a bad one. Either way - the Drew Estate brand is still my favorite so far.
Brad Smith in Circle Pines October 18, 2013
Natural By Drew Estate English
"One of the Best!!"
The first time I smoked the cigar I was immediatly impressed with the flavor of the wrap. Just licking my lips after a drag was tasty. After the flavor of the tip wore off the cigar continued to taste delicious. Started out very sweet and finished with a smooth mild tobacco flavor. Great for beginner cigar smokers who like a mild and sweet flavor.
David in Wisconsin October 16, 2013
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