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Natural By Drew Estate Reviews

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Natural By Drew Estate Clean Robusto
"I have a favorite cigar now"
I've been trying a lot of new cigars, and I've liked a bunch. This was the first stick that I couldn't stop talking about all the way through. Great flavor from the first draw, to the last puff of the stub I can pull off. Very smooth smoke. Very easy to keep at a consistent temp. Had a little bit of an issue with the veins making the burn uneven, but that will obviously vary stick by stick. It's a Drew, so it's not for everyone, but if you like Drews, this is smoke not to miss!
Vin in Denver, CO May 12, 2013
Natural Dirt
"my fav"
This has been an all time favorite
chris in los angeles,ca May 2, 2013
Natural Dirt Torpedo
Must say this is my favorite infused cigar. Some might think this is a little to sweet but to me it's just right. Have bought this cigar for over 5 years and not once have I been disappointed. Thanks to FS and Jon Drew!
Sarky in MA April 30, 2013
Natural By Drew Estate Jucy Lucy
Great smoke. If you like Acid cigars you will like these.Delicious!!
Sarah in Kentucky April 28, 2013
Natural Dirt Torpedo
"Not my cup of joe"
I'll preface by saying I do like a backwoods occasionally, but I wound't pay more than a dollar for one.
Dave in Colorado February 22, 2013
Natural By Drew Estate Medusa
Interesting cigar and history but that being said the flavor was at best .....flat. The burn was excellent and never got hot for a 32 ring gauge but for the price the best thing about it was the unusual shape and story.
Daniel in Northfield MN January 17, 2013
Natural Dirt Torpedo
"Sweet n mild"
Nicely wrapped, great burn and Draw, love any of these Naturals
Eric Erwin in US December 30, 2012
Natural By Drew Estate Clean Robusto
"Best cigar I have ever had by far."
I would dump my GF for several boxes of this. My favorite cigar ever. I could smoke nothing but this and die a happy happy man. Everything was perfect. Doesnt burn hot, i can set it down for 10 min come back and its still lit. Draw is perfect. It taste like the gods grew it. All of my friends love it. One word to describe this one.....*drool*
Benjamin M in san jose, ca December 9, 2012
Natural By Drew Estate Dirt Torpedo
shaun in mn November 22, 2012
Natural By Drew Estate Clean Robusto 5 Pack
"A Great Treat"
A flavored cigar smokers dream. Lot's of spice . A great smoke!!!!
Dave in United States November 19, 2012
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