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Natural By Drew Estate Reviews

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Natural By Drew Estate Dark Angel
BIG Drew fan! Couldn't wait to try the Dark Angel Torpedo. My first cigar had not much flavor and really bad draw. So, tried my second cigar hoping for a better experience.Same result - so much for consistency. Not sure if just a couple of bad cigars - hand rolled by an angry worker, but I have two left and I am not optimistic. Just shows you never know until you try one.
New Jersey Tony in Wellington, Florida June 29, 2013
Natural Dirt
"Not for Adults"
If you like tobacco flavor, look elsewhere. If you want some sickeningly sweet concoction that tastes more like... hell, I don't know how to describe it. But, an earlier review was as close as I can imagine - artificial sweetener and dirty sock. If you want that, this cigar is perfect.
Pete in Illinois June 28, 2013
Natural By Drew Estate Dirt Torpedo
"the latte of cigars"
cloyingly sweet; poorly put together. this is to cigars as flavored lattes are to coffee: if you like the sweet because you don't really like cigars, this is for you. but it leaves bits in your mouth, and the sweet is just a bit much. like smoking a candy bar.
chris in baltimore June 19, 2013
Natural By Drew Estate Dirt Torpedo
"This is Drew Estate's Best Here"
An amazingly perfect mix. I can type here all day but just do yourself a favor and try it, you won t regret it.
chris in baltimore June 19, 2013 June 12, 2013
Natural By Drew Estate English
"Best damn cigar ever"
Unbeatable except by my favorite the Java but very similar in sweetness.
The man with no name in On a hell-bound vessel June 10, 2013
Natural By Drew Estate Clean Robusto
"I have a favorite cigar now"
I've been trying a lot of new cigars, and I've liked a bunch. This was the first stick that I couldn't stop talking about all the way through. Great flavor from the first draw, to the last puff of the stub I can pull off. Very smooth smoke. Very easy to keep at a consistent temp. Had a little bit of an issue with the veins making the burn uneven, but that will obviously vary stick by stick. It's a Drew, so it's not for everyone, but if you like Drews, this is smoke not to miss!
Vin in Denver, CO May 12, 2013
Natural Dirt
"my fav"
This has been an all time favorite
chris in los angeles,ca May 2, 2013
Natural By Drew Estate Dirt Torpedo
Must say this is my favorite infused cigar. Some might think this is a little to sweet but to me it's just right. Have bought this cigar for over 5 years and not once have I been disappointed. Thanks to FS and Jon Drew!
Sarky in MA April 30, 2013
Natural By Drew Estate Jucy Lucy
Great smoke. If you like Acid cigars you will like these.Delicious!!
Sarah in Kentucky April 28, 2013
Natural By Drew Estate Dirt Torpedo
"Not my cup of joe"
I'll preface by saying I do like a backwoods occasionally, but I wound't pay more than a dollar for one.
Dave in Colorado February 22, 2013
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