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Natural By Drew Estate Reviews

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Natural By Drew Estate Medusa
Interesting cigar and history but that being said the flavor was at best .....flat. The burn was excellent and never got hot for a 32 ring gauge but for the price the best thing about it was the unusual shape and story.
Daniel in Northfield MN January 17, 2013
Natural By Drew Estate Dirt Torpedo
"Sweet n mild"
Nicely wrapped, great burn and Draw, love any of these Naturals
Eric Erwin in US December 30, 2012
Natural By Drew Estate Clean Robusto
"Best cigar I have ever had by far."
I would dump my GF for several boxes of this. My favorite cigar ever. I could smoke nothing but this and die a happy happy man. Everything was perfect. Doesnt burn hot, i can set it down for 10 min come back and its still lit. Draw is perfect. It taste like the gods grew it. All of my friends love it. One word to describe this one.....*drool*
Benjamin M in san jose, ca December 9, 2012
Natural By Drew Estate Dirt Torpedo
shaun in mn November 22, 2012
Natural By Drew Estate Clean Robusto 5 Pack
"A Great Treat"
A flavored cigar smokers dream. Lot's of spice . A great smoke!!!!
Dave in United States November 19, 2012
Natural Elixir 5-50
"Way too sweet"
The sweetness masked away the flavor of this cigar. Like sucking a candy bar.
joe in malaysia November 7, 2012
Natural Dirt
"very enjoyable smoke"
My wife bought me one of these from the smoke shop at a local casino. It was so good, I looked it up and ordered a box from Famous. The flavor is what sold me on it but it's a good quality cigar all around. The taste is rich and strong with just a touch of mellow natural sweetness to it. I love the flavor. Burns even and has a good draw but does get a little bit warm at the very end.
Mike in New Mexico November 3, 2012
Natural By Drew Estate Maduro Egg
"Egg Maduro"
I have smoked several of these and haven't had any trouble Nd it was very tasty vitola , but be prepared to smoke for a minute
Rod in USA October 31, 2012
Natural By Drew Estate Root
"A competent filler at the most."
This is a very dense smoke. Fills the air fast and with no remorse. A great way to walk down memory lane without spending a fortune. Nutty, earthy, sweet and strong. Did leave me wanting in both flavor and complexity however. Great stick for Thursday after work, or Saturday morning with the lawn tools.
David in Oregon October 20, 2012
Natural By Drew Estate Maduro Egg
"Fun Cigar"
First, there is a lot of tobacco in this cigar, so if you are used to robustos you might not make it through this one. The burn and construction were impressive. The taste was quite good.
NW in Seattle October 11, 2012
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