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Natural By Drew Estate Clean Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"Great tasting, well made, Even burn!"
I really like this cigar. It has flavors unlike any I have ever tried. The aroma of the smoke is also quite pleasant. It draws well with lots of good smoke. I particularly like the way its rolled up leaving the twisted excess on the top and bottom. Adds a real natural look to them and keeps the fillers nice. Overall, this is one of the best cigars I have ever had. I would recommend these any day. I got this cigar in my buyers guide #15 which is the bundle they gave out for the 2011 Cigar Expo. I really wish I could have gone. Sounded like it was a great time!
Surain in Miami, FL September 2, 2011
"After dinner treat"
After a massive Philly steak sandwich for dinner, I topped off the evening with this cigar. It was so creamy and easy on the palate, it was like a real dessert! Imagine a really light chocolate cake or a glass of chocolate milk, only smoked. This cigar was amazing. Draw was easy, but not too much, the burn was even and the ash held together for about a good inch and a half. I'm so glad I bought more than just one! Only issue was when I removed the upper band, some of its adhesive got on the wrapper and tore it a bit.
Ed in Paola, KS March 19, 2011
"Nothing wrong with this one"
I've had two Clean's now. One I had after dinner and one first thing in the morning. Both were a real treat. Not too sweet and very smooth. With Drew Estate, it's hit or miss and this one definitely hits. Good construction, great draw, nice even burn, plenty of smoke, great aroma. I don't think I'll ever be able to say about any cigar "this is my favorite" because there are too many that I really like, but this one could easily be in my top 5. Like every Drew cigar I've had, I can smoke it down to the last inch and it stays cool. These last me well over an hour.
Jackson in California December 30, 2010
"Cigar newbie...loved this one!"
My youngest son and son-in-law are avid cigar smokers and have recently succeeded in roping me into yet another habit I can't afford (cigar smoking). :o) Anyway, coming from a pipe smoking background, I started out with the better quality "flavored" smokes like ACID, Tabak Especial, CAO Flavours, etc. I'd ordered a sampler from FSS that contained two of the Drew Estate Naturals. I pulled one out of my humidor the other evening thinking it was a flavored cigar. I lit up and thoroughly enjoyed the smoke from beginning to end. My palate isn't sophisticated enough to tell you the flavors I detected, but the aroma was wonderful. The cigar drew well and burned evenly from beginning to end with a very stable ash. I spoke with my son on the phone while I was smoking it and mentioned that I didn't see any indication on the band that the cigar was flavored. He said it wasn't and asked me what I thought of it. I told him how much I was enjoying it, and I started thinking that I maybe it was time to start introducing more "standard" cigars to my collection...all because of my experience with this cigar. I will definitely be buying more of these cigars in the near future! A good introductory cigar for the novice smoker.
Mike B in Smyrna, TN August 29, 2010
"way better than expected"
I got one in a sampler and had put off smoking it for a while. When I finally got around to it I was surprised that it has such a nice taste and aroma. Most of the drew stuff I have smoked were way too sweet for my taste. This one is a keeper and I'm certain I'll get more. It did get a bit soft to hold on too towards the end but that could be just a loose stick. DB
Dustin in New Jersey June 12, 2010
"A good "change of pace" cigar."
I am on my third box of Natural Clean Robusto by Drew Estate and have been very pleased with the consistency and high quality in both manufacture and flavor. I prefer a more full flavor for every day, but for a change of pace, this smoke fits the bill. An occasional dip in a good brandy on a summer evening here in the Rockies is about the perfect way to enjoy the Clean Robusto.
Michael in Western Colorado March 9, 2009
"Natural Winner"
What else can you say, this is just one fine cigar! Once you get past the initial sweetness in the first half-inch or so, these cigars are flush with outstanding taste and aroma. I'm not big on flavored cigars, but there are those times when you want one and Natural CR fills the bill perfectly. Highly recommended.
Retief in El Dorado Hills, CA January 13, 2009
"shocking surprise"
i was shocked at how good the clean robusto was. i love the sweet touch and the amazingly good finish. be your own judge an try some of these. you won't regret it.
mike in louisiana August 9, 2008
"another winner by drew estate"
drew estate is in a class all by themselves.
barry in westchester il. April 1, 2008
Not having a clue what to expect, I was pleasantly surprised, esp since I don't normally smoke flavored cigars. These are a must try.
Chuck Strohm in Tulsa September 13, 2007
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