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Natural By Drew Estate Clean Robusto Reviews [view details]

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Only been smoking cigars about 6 months. I've tried dozens of different brands, etc... This is by far the best yet. I got one at the local golf course for $7. I've bought several since and a 5-pack from here. The flavor is just awesome, rich, sweet, nutty. It makes golf even more fun which is saying something. I'd recommend this cigar for anyone to try. It's earned a place in my humidor and now I'm trying other Drew Estate cigars..
GolfNut in Midland, TX July 10, 2007
One end smells like chocolate, the other end like vanilla (kinda like an ex-girlfriend I once knew). On light up it is thoroughly unimpressive with an average tobacco flavor with a slight vanilla infused taste. For the price I honestly don't see why people go nuts over this line-up. I haven't tried all of them so perhaps one of the other in the line is better. I certainly enjoyed the "Root" more. I like flavored sticks, particularly Acid Blue label so its not like I'm a cigar snob. It's just that this one just isn't worth what they (Drew estates) is suggesting with its MSRP. I still have 4 left so I'll let 'em sleep and perhaps they'll get a bit more tatsty.
TeeJay in Lincoln, R.I. May 4, 2007
"Tasty and smooth...a staple in my humidor!"
I know a lot of people don't like flavored cigars but this one is different. Picked up 5 of these to change things up a bit and was blown away! Sweet tip but not syrupy, lots of smoke and a great easy draw. Nice salt and pepper ash that hangs on forever. Noted hints of vanilla... overall, reminds me of a good spiced rum. Great anytime of the day but an awesome after dinner smoke with a rum and coke! My only complaint was that the burn was a little inconsistent - wants to keep going out in the last third (had this problem with 3 of the 5). Overall, I'd give this stick a 9.5 and a 10 if it wasn't for the burn. Despite the burn issue, this one is going to have a permanent spot in my humidor!
Tony in IL April 10, 2007
"Even though I'm only a newbie, I like them"
My first clean robusto was in a sampler pack I bought. I kept coming back for more in 4 packs and finally broke down and bought an entire box. When you factor in the 4 extra you get from Famous Smoke with a box purchase, the price isn't too bad. I like the initial sweet taste and so far haven't had any issues with draw or burn. When in the mood for a more conventional smoke, I smoke Rocky Patel 1990 and 1992 series.
Jim in Houston, TX February 5, 2007
"Great Smoke, but a bit on the pricey side!"
These are some of the best flavored cigars I have tried to date. The have a smooth draw and even burn. I really enjoyed the flavors, and my wife didn't mind the smell! (Always a plus!) I will definetly keep some of these in my humidor. Overall a great cigar in my opinion.
Kenny in Visalia, CA September 27, 2006
"Exotic Island Lover"
This is a real decent smoke, kind of like smoking a pipe. Dip the tip in whisky to get rid of the sweet on the end. I smoked this one to the nub.
Nightjoe in Sagle, ID June 13, 2006
"My favorite Natural"
This is one tasty cigar.Hints of chocolate and maybe even vanilla.The smoothest,creamiest cigar I have ever smoked.Totally mellow and relaxing.
Thurman in Houston February 24, 2006
Truly an outstanding cigar. After falling in love with Drew Estate's Kuba Kuba I decided to try a Natural Clean Robusto and I was not disappointed. Another winner by the cigar makers at Drew Estate.
RT in CA October 17, 2005
"Best Short Clean Smoke"
This is by far the best short smoke I have had. The Clean Robusto has a fantastic taste - much like dipping the tip in a nice tawny port. With a clean burn, the flavor resonates almost 3/4 of the way through. About that far though, and the draw gets hot - so it is a much better short smoke. The 5/50 size is perfect with either an after dinner libation or a Sunday afternoon on the deck. One of the best I've recently had.
Mike O. in Nazareth, PA July 1, 2005
"Try with an open mind to flavor and aroma"
The natural clean robusto started my Acid cigar smoking experience and a pleasure it has been since. Its a fine cigar with a creamy flavor thats my favorite size. I have had the opportunity to smoke many Acid and non Acid cigars. The best is the Acid One toredo. My Partagas 150's. Padron Annaveraries and Cuban Cohiba robustos are great cigars but for the price and the flavorful experience Acids are my everyday and handout smokes, try the tins all 4 varities are the best for the money by far. Pass them on to your friends and you'll be the hit of the party. All the best and long ashes.
John in South Florida April 20, 2005
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