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Natural By Drew Estate Clean Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"My favorite cigar"
Love the sweet flavor, smooth smoke. My favorite cigar !
Louis in Ferranti July 10, 2014
"I have a favorite cigar now"
I've been trying a lot of new cigars, and I've liked a bunch. This was the first stick that I couldn't stop talking about all the way through. Great flavor from the first draw, to the last puff of the stub I can pull off. Very smooth smoke. Very easy to keep at a consistent temp. Had a little bit of an issue with the veins making the burn uneven, but that will obviously vary stick by stick. It's a Drew, so it's not for everyone, but if you like Drews, this is smoke not to miss!
Vin in Denver, CO May 12, 2013
"Best cigar I have ever had by far."
I would dump my GF for several boxes of this. My favorite cigar ever. I could smoke nothing but this and die a happy happy man. Everything was perfect. Doesnt burn hot, i can set it down for 10 min come back and its still lit. Draw is perfect. It taste like the gods grew it. All of my friends love it. One word to describe this one.....*drool*
Benjamin M in san jose, ca December 9, 2012
"Not for my palette!"
I must say, of all the Drew Estate cigars I have enjoyed, this is the first to dissappoint. Still has that great build and draw one expects of the DE line, but oh, how my palette cringed at the onslaught of harsh flavor. The sweet at the tip was its only saving grace... it softened the blow. Obviously others welcome this staunch stoag, but I must respectively decline. Shame I have 3 more coming next week. They'll spend some time aging in the humidor- maybe that'll whip 'em into shape. My suggestion, try one before you invest too much... make sure your palette will welcome its harsh presence!
Cwick in Joplin, MO July 20, 2012
"Great smoke! Good to the end."
This cigar has a great taste to the very end. It doesn't get bitter toward the end like some do.
Bill M in Newnan, Ga. January 24, 2012
"See my YouTube review"
VERY DISAPPOINTED...this sampler pack would have been better as a four pack without this stick.Here is my YouTube review: http://youtu.be/-ABH-r43CsQ
BrewVegas in Las Vegas January 2, 2012
"By far my fav"
This is and will always be my favorite cigar. I can sit there and smoke this stick for hours. Stays lit, perfect draw, tip taste sweet but not too sweet and the taste of the tobacco is just phenomenal. No nasty aftertaste the next morning, no tongue bite and it just looks soo good I want to eat it. Dont hesitate to buy!
Ben in San Jose, CA January 1, 2012
"Too Sweet for my taste"
I read some good reviews and heard some good things about the cigar so I bought a 5 pack. Jonathan Drew is an extremely good blender, but here, he misfires. I took my first draw and it seemed like I bit into a candy bar. Entirely too sweet, and gets sweeter as you smoke. Personally, I've smoked my last Natural, and I here the Dirt version is even sweeter. Unless you like sweet smokes, I'd stay away from this one.
MP in Boston, MA November 15, 2011
"Instantly my favorite Cigar! Perfect in every way!"
I am 39 and have been a cigar a day smoker for 16 years. This is my favorite cigar. I ordered the Natural 6 cigar sampler and inserted one into my Roly and Maroma rotation every third day. The entire six pack is wonderful. The Clean Robusto is to die for. If the Kuba Kuba is too sweet for you, and you want a break from the norm in a flavored cigar...THIS IS IT!!!
Tim in Georgia September 30, 2011
"You should say in the description that it is flavo"
You should tell your customers in the description that these are FLAVORED cigars! I am so glad I only bought just one! It was the worst cigar I have ever smoked!!
nat in Eugene, Oregon September 2, 2011
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10 Construction (85) 100
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