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Natural Dirt Reviews [view details]

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"Good to the last Draw"
WOW. I really liked this Cigar. I smoked it until I burnt my fingers on it. Very flavorful and sweet. I love the oily flavor of it very rich. My only complaint is it was over before I wanted it to be. Please Drew make these bigger they are awesome.
Colby Curtis in Wichita Falls TX December 28, 2008
Mind sickenly sweet.
John in Jim Thorpe September 28, 2008
"Just right for that relaxing cigar."
one of the best cigars ive ever had not to strong nor weak but just right. Different than all those foreighn cigars that taste like tar
PFC RODNEY in KOREA July 24, 2008
"They're Kidding, Right?"
I'm amazed that anyone could like this cigar. Before I lit it , I put it in my mouth to taste the wrapper and got a mouth full of off sweet taste that won't go away. I decided to be brave and light the thing and put it down after one puff. I knew if I continued I was gonna be sick. I may try lighting the wrong end, but not until this taste goes away. If you like diet cola syrup, you'll like these.
DAJ in Indiana December 27, 2007
Like some others who have tried "Dirt", I found it to be almost sickeningly sweet & was going to throw the rest in the trash, before my wife came to the rescue. Not being a cigar smoker, she mistakingly lit the wrong end of a dirt while I was not home. just for the heck of it, I took a few draws, and to my great surprise, when smoked from the wrong end, this is a very good cigar, & avoids the overly sweet candy taste. I know it sounds crazy, but try it & I think it will change your mind about this cigar.
JB in MILTON, MASS. October 15, 2007
"My favorite"
This is by far one of the best cigars I have had it is very rich but not over powering.The smell of this cigar remindes me of a pipe and the tase is just wonderfull, people seem to think this is a flavored cigar just because it is from Drew Estate but it is not, so if you like rich, chocolatey and wet tasting cigars with no dry or harsh aftetase this is one you should try.
Todd in Cedar Sprinds Mi May 7, 2007
"The best small cigar EVER !"
Tried this when I picked one up in a small shop and have been hooked ever since, my humidor is always full. Above any I have had the BEST, including Cubans'and it is great with coffee.
Leo in LA December 12, 2006
"Dirt? More like mud."
My last order from Famous came with a sampler of a Natural Dirt and a Natural Root. I lit up the Dirt the other night, and nearly spit it out on first light. It had this off-sweet taste to it, almost like there was a cross between sugar and Sweet N Low in the entire wrapper. I hoped it would go away after a while, so I gave it a fair try. It didn't. This is the first cigar I have tossed away in under a half-hour of smoking and not even tried to finish. Avoid at all costs.
Chris in San Antonio, TX May 29, 2006
"Quickly became my favorite"
I picked one of these up when my friends and I went to the local cigar shop on a nice afternoon to sit outside and relax. I had Acid cigars before, and love the Drew Estate company, but they COMPLETELY outdid themselves with this one. It is a smooth, creamy smoke, tastes delicious, and lasts just about the right amount for me. I like petit coronas and robustos, and it is just the right size. Burned perfectly and drew quite nicely. I am hooked.
in February 19, 2006
"Different Type of "Flavored""
A customer of mine gave me a Natural Dirt to try. After a meal, I sat down with a coffee, and fired this stick up. The taste from both seem to compliment each other. Smooth, and somewhat creamy, I would recommend this for a once in a while "change". Like other products I had from Drew Estates, they are, to me, smoked once in a great while. As with all of their products, I found out that over indulgence is a bad thing.
Dennis Lavallee in Conn. December 10, 2005
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