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Natural Dirt Torpedo Reviews [view details]

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"Sugar tip"
The "Natural" labell" is deceiving. I thought maybe Drew Estates was offering a cigar that wasn't flavored. Not the case. The tip is just way too sweet to allow any enjoyment. Contruction, Draw, and burn were spot on, but the taste is ruined by the sacherin tasting wrapper. I suggest a Baccarat, if you like a sweetened wrapper.
Dusty in Iowa February 16, 2012
Was not expecting a flavored cigar, I took Natural to mean, well, natural tobaccos. Took one or two draws and put her down. Way too sweet for me. But, others may enjoy, it did have a nice pre-light aroma and seemed like it would have a great draw based on the couple of puffs I took. I just prefer more traditional smokes.
Richard in Alabama January 18, 2012
"This is my favorite cigar."
In the 3 years I've been smoking hand made cigars I always come back to Natural Dirt Torpedo Maduro.Easy draw,great taste,very well made,one great cigar.
Keith in Pen Argyl,Pa. November 2, 2011
"Need More"
I usually do not chain smoke cigars but after finishing my first one, I had to go back and buy several more and smoke one on the way home!
Steve in New Mexico September 23, 2011
"Great smoke! Easily my fav cigar for everyday"
Got this cihar in a drew estate sampler. Was hesitant to try just because of the name "dirt" torpedo. Wow! This cigar was mild-med with a sligjtly sweet taste, not overpowering. Size is perfect for a 30 minute smoke when time is of essence. Bought a box the next day and trying to male those last.
Pete in Biloxi September 2, 2011
"Can't get enough...."
...maybe not for everybody but I got a box of 24 and it didn't last long. Unique taste, but solid, and a great every other day stick. Very good burn and consistency!
Keith in Atlanta, Georgia September 1, 2011
"Great stick"
Great stick.
in June 28, 2011
I absolutly love this cigar, sweet and short, but excellent!
james Robb in June 22, 2011
"Home Run"
I have smoked at least a box of these in the last few months. They are sweet, delicious, and smoke incredibly well. I can't say I've had a bad one yet. The smoke itself is almost coffee/candy smelling to the non-smoker. Everybody who has tried these loves them so long as they are into flavored cigars. They provide a nice shorter smoke and leave you li king your lips. This is my go-to Sunday morning cigar with a cup of coffee. Yes they are short but if you want more, smoke another!
Joe in CT June 19, 2011
"Great for cigar newbies"
This is a really mellow and flavored cigar. As someone who is not a long time sigar smoker I find this to be a really pleasant smoke. The smoke isn't acrid at all and the construction holds up really well. Its an easy draw but its still sturdy. The flavored wrapper gives a complimenting taste to the smoke and if anything is a bit too sweet. Definitely a go to cigar if you like flavored wrappers.
Weston in Fort Worth June 13, 2011
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