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Natural By Drew Estate Dirt Torpedo Reviews [view details]

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"Great for cigar newbies"
This is a really mellow and flavored cigar. As someone who is not a long time sigar smoker I find this to be a really pleasant smoke. The smoke isn't acrid at all and the construction holds up really well. Its an easy draw but its still sturdy. The flavored wrapper gives a complimenting taste to the smoke and if anything is a bit too sweet. Definitely a go to cigar if you like flavored wrappers.
Weston in Fort Worth June 13, 2011
"Awesome cigar"
I loved this stick, if you are a fan of Drew Estates, I would say try this one... It is not as herbed up as a Acid Kubua, but very mellow and good draw and burn. Tip is sweet and add to it. They are short but very sweet. Try one today.
Squatch in Alpharetta, Ga June 4, 2011
"Really Sweet"
Wrapper was way to sweet for me, it taste just like sugar water, not for me. The cigar itself was great, awesome draw, great tasting cigar, the burn was a little off but not a problem! Just be aware of the sweet wrapper, A Grade cigar if you like a cigar with a flavored wrapping.
Mario in California March 21, 2011
"Good, but short"
I'm a huge fan of Drew Estate cigars and this one does not disappoint. Great flavor, draw and plenty of smoke. If it were an inch longer, it would be perfect. I take my time with most cigars and I barely got 45 minutes out of this one.
Jackson in California January 14, 2011
"A great intial experience"
Love this cigar with a dry red wine. I was totally pleased with it. As one reviewer said, I wish it were just a little longer, like an inch and a half.
G Fisher in Ohio November 27, 2010
"Dirt Torpeo - my new favorite from Drew Estate"
This is my new favorite from Drew Estate. If you like the Java, then you will love this cigar even more! The one thought that comes to mind while smoking this cigar is Cocoa Puffs!! Great construction, good amount of creamy smoke and a chocolaty finish are what this cigar is all about. I am cuckoo for this cigar!!
Mike N in Connecticut September 12, 2010
"best cigar out there"
great taste, great cigar, smoke does not burn towards the end and the flavor stays throughout the whole cigar
chris in brooklyn July 29, 2010
"Sweetened Wrapper Doesn't Hurt The Taste"
Smoked my first one of these last night and it was pretty good. Complimented with some congnac the flavor really came through. The first thing I noticed was the sweetened wrapper. I have found that when a cigar is "flavored" like this it's because they're usually trying to hide something. No so here! The full flavor of the cigar came through. For an inexpensive smoke, it wasn't bad at all. Only lasted about 45 minutes though that's not really a problem. I found it to get a little hot near the end, but that also did not ruin the experience. I will, most likely, buy a box of these to keep around as a good general smoke.
Xark in Frederick, CO March 11, 2010
"My favorite so far!"
This smoke was simply delicious. Naturals are my favorite smoke so far!
Anthony R. in Jessup,MD May 2, 2009
"Just found a new favorite!"
This is one great cigar. Only wish it was in a longer size. Leaves you wanting more. Fantastic flavor all the way down to the nub. My new favorite!!
Jack in Burkburnett, Tx. January 17, 2009
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