Natural By Drew Estate Egg Cigar Sampler

$14.99 Retail Price: $ 19.60
You'll need 2 full hours to get through this baby. The 'Egg' is a true one-of-a-kind cigar made from a 4-nation blend that's jam-packed into this rotund, savory bomb. Beginning creamy and smooth, Egg explodes at its center with deep, rich-tasting complexity. A must-try for the adventurous smoker.
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"Pretty good for something REALLY different "
It was a pretty good, but not exceptional smoke. It was mild, with surprising ch ...  more
Herman in Texas
"Why the heck did I smoke that stupid thing "
Well , sometimes I get in the mood for a drew estate . I tried an egg .. It ligh ...  more
sil in New York
"Dicotimistic; "like a Boa that swallowed a Rabbit""
It's an extreme dicotomy of the mellow smoothness from start to middle, then the ...  more
Aaron in El Paso
"Gag "
Title says it all
CgarSmoker in Reno, NV
"Disappointed thats all i was "
Ok,to start off I enjoy many of the drew estate cigars and I am very open to any ...  more
Quinton Bartel in OK
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