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Natural By Drew Estate Jucy Lucy Reviews [view details]

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"Put your money down on a sure thing..."
Don't waste your money on this bad hand - there are other tasty little cigarillos out there that aren't such a gamble in consistency. Blondie, Moontrance, and Bella Vanilla are all good examples of a consistently tasty and clean-burning short smoke.
John in Cleveland December 7, 2006
"Mouth Watering"
When I smoked this little cigar I was at a park playing guitar with my other guitarist/ best friend. It was heaven. The cigar actually makes your mouth water when you light up. The description on the drew estate website is very accurate saying it has "adventurous flavor". The complex flavor and aroma stay through the entire smoke. In fact I wanted to pull out a roach clip to get every bit of it I could. Burned very clean, but had a tight draw at first. It should come in a robusto or a corona in my opinion. Highly recommended.
Phil in Phoenix AZ February 22, 2006
"Must be a Drew Estate guy..."
The Jucy Lucy was fantastic. It was rolled to perfection. I smoked the entire cigar with out an ash. Now that is a nice burn. I planned on a quick smoke due to the size, but I was in for the long haul with this little devil. Very complex flavor. If Drew Estates is a cult, I'm in.
Teodoro in Minneapolis January 21, 2006
"Take Out the TRASH!!!"
I don't even see how this can be called a cigar, this little twig of stinkweed should have never been made. It reminds me of Mixture #79 pipe tobacco, which is another horror story. Please, take out the trash and take this cigar with it!
R. Sharp in Tennessee November 4, 2005
This was a great cigar. I had some out of the white box - fantastic short smoke with incredible flavor. I ordered another box. Now they come in a brown box with a new band. The wrapper doesn't look as aged as the ones in the white box - but whatever, I'll fire one up. I'm on my third one out of the brown box. These cigars have changed - not near as good as they used to be. I don't know what happened - but it seems as if they went with a cheaper grade of tobacco in the brown box. Really dissapointing - these cigars were a great short smoke. Now I probably won't order them again.
Mike in California December 28, 2004
"tastes like skunk ass"
rather do gay porn than smoke this cigar again
Gary Samuels in NJ December 14, 2004
"A little thing of beauty"
Well, you can hardly notice this little smoke in the store, but once lit it packs a vrey pungent and powerful aroma. Slightly spicy and sweet it proved to be a very nice appetizer indeed. The Natural line as a whole is quite interesting and not just a little intruiging, I am still looking for a clock stopper though!
Boian in Houston, TX August 26, 2004
Incredible flavored short smoke. If you are looking for great short smoke - can't beat this one. Great hits of cocoa - coffee - not sure what it is - but the flavor is awesome. Expensive - but worth it.
Mike in California June 26, 2004
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10 Construction (92) 100
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