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Natural By Drew Estate Root Reviews [view details]

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"ABSOLUETLY AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
I loved favorite cigar by far.Ive just got into cigar smoking and began with Drew Estate and ACID's. They are by far the best smoke I've had.
Josh G. in Queen Creek, AZ November 2, 2006
"Top of the line"
Been smoking cigars for 35 years and this is one of the top 5 cigars I have ever smoked and I smoke the best! Monty's, Graycliff, Romeos,Cohibas,CAO,Bolivar,AVO.Those who think Natural Root is perfumed no nothing of the taste of fine tobacco!
Stav in NJ October 21, 2006
"A Natural Beauty"
This cigar is like perfume only in that it is intoxicating and alluring to the senses! I got sent a couple of these (thanks, guys!)with my last order. I decided to give one away and tried one. Natural Root is a shocker, but only in the best ways! Deep liquor and sweet anise blooms onto the palate, and an almost floral aroma abounds. Sweet and earthy, but well balanced in the strength dept. Lots of flavors, this one keeps you guessing until the end...and you don't want it to end. These aren't the "sticky sweet" kind of flavored cigars, because the geniuses at Drew Estate made a "flavored" cigar using only natural tobacco and nothing else. It's so subtle and unique that even jaded cigar smokers will respond to this one immediately. Although a little pricey, I can certainly understand why after only a few puffs. They should call these "SuperNaturals"!
The Joker in Ohio May 3, 2006
"Why cigar smoking is banned in so many places"
Natural root is to cigars what wine coolers and boonesberry farm 20/20 is to fine wine. if you have never had a good cigar, you will absolutely love this cigar. If you are a lover of the leaf and crazy about the taste of tobacco, this cigar will help you QUIT!! They should have nameded this one 'nasty' as well. Incidently, there is little that is natural about this cigar.
Compay in Nashville April 30, 2006
"If you like cocoa and coffee you'll love this"
Recieved in a sampler pack. Immediatly bought two boxes out of the sampler after smoking this was one of them. The only thing bad about this cigar is the price!
AP N in TX April 26, 2006
"The Filet Mignon of Cigars!"
This Cigar is absolutely beautiful on every level. --In the class of Montecristo White, and Romeo & Julietta Vintage #3, Natural Root is intoxicating and delicious with a perfect balance of flavor and body - it will fill your mouth without burning it. This is a cigar among cigars. --Try and keep yourself from eating it. This is a 5 course meal for anytime of the day or night! JHS
JHS in nyc April 25, 2006
"ruined me for ordinary cigars"
This cigar lasted me entirely through the Soprano's. Lucious, succulent, and mysterious. So full of earthy flavors; I wanted to eat the plug. Reminded me of when i would stick my nose into my Grandad's packet of Beech Nut chewing tobaccao. Cigar is truly full without being strong. I'm afraid this cigar has ruined me for other smokes, even my favorite CAO Cameroons, which pale by comparison. It's like drinnking Guiness Stout then trying to go back to Coors.
paul cummins in ca. April 23, 2006
"Best little Cigar I ever had"
Had smoked a few different "flavored cigars"this is not really a flavored one it is a great smoke and gets better to the end highly recommened
Mark 8 in westchester,Il March 4, 2006
"One of the best flav smoking cigar out there today"
This cigar is now my favorate it is full of flavor burn very well and doesnt have a strong draw at the end of the cigar, its smooth !!!
Andrew Powers in Metuchen, New Jersey August 5, 2005
"Great Cigar!!"
I picked up a couple of the Natural Root Cigars, and was blown away. These cigars have the smoothest draw, and a fabulous taste and aroma. The Burn was very consistant and even, and the consturction was solid. Great smoke!!!
Brent Larson in Illinois July 2, 2004
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10 Draw (92) 100
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10 Appearance (92) 100
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10 Taste (92) 100
Poor - Excellent

10 Construction (91) 100
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