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I received this cigar as part of the 'Best Of Drew Estate' Sampler #3. I like the Drew Estate brand in general but this cigar was a bit of a disappointment. It has a nice easy draw which I like and a good even burn - but after that it was a bit downhill. I had a bit of a more bitter and leathery taste. Maybe some people like that - I tend to like a sweeter smoke. And the foot began to unravel as it went along. I received 2 as a part of the sampler - I guess I'll give the second one a chance at some point. Maybe it was just a bad one. Either way - the Drew Estate brand is still my favorite so far.
Brad Smith in Circle Pines October 18, 2013
"A competent filler at the most."
This is a very dense smoke. Fills the air fast and with no remorse. A great way to walk down memory lane without spending a fortune. Nutty, earthy, sweet and strong. Did leave me wanting in both flavor and complexity however. Great stick for Thursday after work, or Saturday morning with the lawn tools.
David in Oregon October 20, 2012
"Very Earthy"
Good cigar overall. Lots of flavor, earthy with cedar and nutty flavor. Great with a cup of dark hazelnut coffee.
Chuck B in Charleston, SC February 25, 2012
"not my favorite"
Not my favorite stick. Nothing against Drew Estate or there products, but there just not for me. This stick had an easy draw which has been consistant with other products of theirs I have tried. There were some wrapper issues on the shoulder. Several flakes of loose tobacco came out in my mouth during this smoke.The burn was even with a sweetened flavor.
Mike in Oregon October 8, 2011
"Nice smoke"
Nice cigar with nice mild flavor. It burned well and even and had a great draw.
Fred in West Palm beach, Fl August 20, 2011
"Review Updated"
I have to update my earlier review: Consistency seems to be a problem. I have had a couple that were rolled to loose and most disappointingly I had one or two that had a "painted on" maduro wrapper. Painted on maduro is not for me at all!! All the love I gave this cigar earlier still holds true, but buyer beware I guess when it comes to this one.....one more painted on maduro wrapper and I'll never buy this cigar again.
Mongrel in Poconos August 15, 2011
best smoke ever had
steven milek in fl June 11, 2011
"My Favorite Reasonably Priced Cigar!"
I love the shaggy foot. I love the construction, firm yet smokable. I love the smell, I love the taste and I absolutley love how the taste changes through out the cigar. And unlike other Drew Estate cigars this one DOES NOT have a sweetened tip, nor is the cigar too sweet. On sale, this cigar is the best you can get for the price!!! No lick and spit like Acid cigars make me have to do before smoking... If this cigar is flavored it's so mild that it's hard to tell at times and I love it that way!
Mongrel in Poconos January 31, 2011
"Talk about a smoothie!"
This is a great cigar for beginners or long timers. The taste is smooth and very enjoyable.
Kenneth Snead in El Paso Texas November 10, 2010
"good smoke"
I really like the natural.. kind of an anytime anywhere cigar. Always good. I've had several and I'll keep some in my box..
charles in mn November 1, 2010
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