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Natural By Drew Estate Dark Angel Reviews [view details]

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BIG Drew fan! Couldn't wait to try the Dark Angel Torpedo. My first cigar had not much flavor and really bad draw. So, tried my second cigar hoping for a better experience.Same result - so much for consistency. Not sure if just a couple of bad cigars - hand rolled by an angry worker, but I have two left and I am not optimistic. Just shows you never know until you try one.
New Jersey Tony in Wellington, Florida June 29, 2013
"Great taste, less than great construction"
Let me start by saying this is a great cigar. I usually smoke full bodied Nicaraguans or anything on Cigar Afficiando's top 10. It's More medium bodied and is great for an afternoon smoke or a round of golf. It had to be touched up regularly and was not tightly rolled. The smoke was full. If you can handled the construction issues, you will like it.
Dave in Menifee CA June 17, 2012
"Another great DE"
Every Drew Estate cigar I've had has been excellent. Not all of them are for me, but they are all exceptional quality, including the Dark Angel. A truly pleasurable smoke from start to finish.
Jackson in California January 22, 2011
"Drew in #1"
Very good cigar, Im having one in the morning..
Steeler41 in Houston January 10, 2011
"one of the best cigars for the price"
Cigar is smooth, nice taste. I smoked the cigar almost half the way before the ash broke off.
J.M in texas November 6, 2010
"Excellent - One of Drew's Best Super Smooth"
Matt in Littleton, you obviously never smoked a Dark Angel. If you think these are sweet like the others your wrong. These cigars have a wonderfully smooth tobacco taste with an effortless draw. They're well made with a perfect burn. The taste of these are really nice, notes of leather and earth with a nice cedar undertone... This is not one of Drew Estates herbal infused offerings, this is very close to a standard cigar.
JC in Jersey July 28, 2010
"Are you all Crazy? These are horrible!"
Unless you like Black and Mild or Swisher Sweets, these cigars a definate loser. I've smoked the Angel, the Clean Robusto and the Dirt Torpedo in the last 3 days. I cant remember a worse 3 smokes ever. The Clean Robusto was the most tollerable, but was vanilla flavored. Drew Estate or at least distributors need to disclaim that these are FLAVORED SMOKES. I feel a little dupped by all the good reviews of this smoke without knowing they are all flavored. Disgusting...dont waste your time with any of them.
Matt in Littleton August 4, 2008
"Very smooth with a great flavor to the very end"
I smoked this cigar to the very end. It tasted great and had no after taste.
Mike in Evansville May 14, 2008
"May very well be the best cigar at any price"
I ordered a box after doing a little looking around the website. They got really high marks by a good many reviewers. They arrived today and I just smoked one (down to the nub). All I can say is WOW. Great taste, great draw, great smoke, and just overall a perfect cigar. I have been smoking Partagas, Graycliff, Perdomo Champagnes, and Fuente Hemingways. $ for $, these are as good or better. They aren't harsh, they have a great taste, and don't over power. Highly recommended!
Rob in Madison May 6, 2008
"Medium strength, smooth smoke"
I generally like lighter-strength cigars but the Dark Angel draws very smooth and is great to let the taste linger in the mouth and slowly let go. A very tasty smoke.
Mark in Annapolis, MD November 26, 2007
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10 Construction (92) 100
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