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"Not for Adults"
If you like tobacco flavor, look elsewhere. If you want some sickeningly sweet concoction that tastes more like... hell, I don't know how to describe it. But, an earlier review was as close as I can imagine - artificial sweetener and dirty sock. If you want that, this cigar is perfect.
Pete in Illinois June 28, 2013
"my fav"
This has been an all time favorite
chris in los angeles,ca May 2, 2013
"very enjoyable smoke"
My wife bought me one of these from the smoke shop at a local casino. It was so good, I looked it up and ordered a box from Famous. The flavor is what sold me on it but it's a good quality cigar all around. The taste is rich and strong with just a touch of mellow natural sweetness to it. I love the flavor. Burns even and has a good draw but does get a little bit warm at the very end.
Mike in New Mexico November 3, 2012
"Great little shorty!"
Many folks are turned off by the flavor at the draw end in the beginning. I too was this way with a number of ACID cigars...now I give them all a chance and find that they are well made, even burning great smokes. The Dirt is no exception. Great when I don't have tons of time.
Barry L in Las Vegas, NV February 27, 2012
"Impressive little guy!"
I bought the Natural sampler and since this little guy was the shorter one and I have a few minutes I decided to try it out after a week and a half on my humi. The wrapper is sweet to the mouse but the cigar is NOT sweet to the pallet so don't hate. Just because the wrapper is sweet the people forget about the tobacco itself. This little guy is a winner and it last for about 30 mins. Nice construction, oily wrapper, even burn, consistency and great aroma. The only downside for me was the draw, it was kind of tight but the rest is great.
Erik in Virginia October 12, 2011
Pour a bunch of artificial sweetener in your mouth then suck on a dirty sock. Thats pretty much the taste I got from this stick.
in April 22, 2011
"Maduro loving cigar sucker"
I actually intended to purchase this for my girlfriend who is a huge fan of the Drew Estates ACID label. I left on a weekend trip and had this among others in my suitcase. I decided to try it before going out since it was the smallest of the stash and I only had about 30 min. of smoke time. I have read the other reviews and yes it's sweet on the mouth but the pallet is not overly sweet. Nice oily wrapper, smooth easy draw, and an excellent build. Good coffee, cedar, vanilla, and earth notes. Why people taste a little sweetness on the wrapper and then can no longer evaluate a cigar for the full experience is beyond me. This is a winner and I bought a box for myself and a box for my girlfriend so she won't steal mine. The less of these the haters buy, the more there is for me!
Fishbowlfire in Spokane January 23, 2011
"If you like sweet, this is it!"
I like sweet cigars, and this seems to be the mother of sweetness I have tried so far. Anyway, this is a nice little cigar that has a lot of flavor. It's weird this is all natural and not infused and still has all these vanilla / fruity flavors. It's nothing complex I think, but just nice. It stays the same throughout. I smoked for about 30 minutes.
MT in Bay Point January 8, 2010
"Strong, sweet tart and a quick punch"
When I don't have time for a leisurely smoke, this one packs an hour into 15 minutes, with all the relaxing buzz and delicious flavor of the much larger Torpedo.
Barb in Wisconsin Dells March 28, 2009
"Not for me"
I tried this and had to throw it away. Poor construction that was very loose. Tasted like an artificial sweetener. Swisher Sweet comes to mind only the Swisher is better.
Roger in Orlando January 23, 2009
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