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Natural By Drew Estate Root Reviews [view details]

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"Oh so Good"
This is a Great cigar! I enjoyed it all the way to the nub!
Brian in Minot September 13, 2010
"Good cigar"
I enjoyed this cigar! Had a great burn the draw was good just an overall good cigar!
Brian in North Dakota September 13, 2010
"There's a time and a place for the Root..."
...and that's when you get out of bed first thing in the afternoon. Grab a cup of cuban espresso, throw a bit of cream and cane sugar in it, and browse the latest deals on Famous. The Root should be your first smoke of the day...I wouldn't recommend smoking one after a Camacho. I much prefer these to Drew's Acid line, as they not over perfumed or sweetened. The build is generally perfect, as is the draw. These are of course infused, but still manage to strike a nice balance of flavor. Say what you will about Drew, but in my opinion they do have a time and a place.
Colby H in Upstate NY January 4, 2010
"Wow, got one for my future personal stock."
Ti's, did truly like the favor, burn,and aftertaste.
Ricardo in Ramona, Ca. January 27, 2009
"Not sure about this one"
I'm not really sure about where I'm at with this one. It was so smooth that it was almost like smoking nothing at all. I received 1 Root as a sample and was looking forward to smoking it as I'm a big fan of DE's Acid line. Smoke wise...better than expected. Taste when compared to an just wasn't there for me.
Walt in Rhode Island January 13, 2009
"From Start to Finish"
1. First glance, I thought I received a defective cigar. Actually, very well constructed with fine and interesting appearance. 2. Went online and saw this was the "natural root!" What a foot! 3. Lit this baby up, sweet vanilla and chocolate covers my palette. 4. Draw is perfect. 5. Delightful aroma. 6. First 1/3 is really heavenly, and that is coming from a Padron Anniversario and Rocky Patel "The Edge" smoker. Cannot believe how exquisite this first 1/3 is. 7. I'm still on the first third and I want to eat this cigar. 8. Getting a little hot...I'm smoking it too fast. Letting her cool down a bit. 9. 2nd 1/3 and the sweet flavors have weakened a bit. More tobacco taste, but still very fragrant. Smoke volume has increased greatly. Big, puffy wafts of aromatic smoke. Durable ash is now at 1.5. Burn is slightly uneven, but this cigar is not a Padron Anniv. and it costs a lot less! Ash is at a full 2.0. Ash color is salt and pepper. All of a sudden, the flavor deepens again! A lot of cocoa. After that first cool-down, this cigar is puffing along like it has a radiator. I just got a taste of some liquor. Ash accidentally falls at 2.2. 10. I'm in the homestretch. Tactile is like a tootsie roll that has been softened. I want to bite this cigar to bits. This cigar produces a lot of passive smoke. Finish is like a Hersey bar. I'm a little bit tired of the taste, even though it's still good. I've had enough. Conclusion: This is a very unusual, but good cigar. Too much of a novelty to be a regular smoke. I want my Padrons.
Steven in West Palm Beach January 9, 2009
"great cigar"
just my cup of coffee very tasty!!
cody in manlius NY January 9, 2009
"Another Good Cigar from Acid"
Of the acid (Natural) cigars I've smoked so far this is my fav. Doesn't have the strong 'essential oils' aroma of Kuba Kuba. Nor the very sweet wrapper. Has a hint of chocolate which I consider good. Wasn't too impressed with the roughness of the foot.
Cliff in Oklahoma January 7, 2009
"Drew Estates does it again!!"
Yet again, i am satisfied by another quality stick from D.E. The Root is well constructed, and the presentation is excellent as well. The draw is perfect. The ash has yet to drop at 2in. is solid and a nice white hue. The burn was awesomely even at more than 1/2 the stick so far. lol .. the ash just dropped at 2 1/2 in. The flavor is unique, with just a whiff of a vanilla/cocoaish underflavor( you definitly taste the tobacco over anything else). It had me trying to determine what the flavor was it is that light. The finish was as enjoyable as the first draw, with the exception of the draw becomming a little warm near the nub, but otherwise a very very enjoyable smoke.... try a five pack and enjoy..
D. Tennant in winter haven August 14, 2008
"Natural Winners!"
I was gifted a four-pack of these and I'm hooked! Have to get some more.... PMZ
P. Zieg. in PA/NY July 1, 2008
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