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Navegador Toro Connecticut Reviews [view details]

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"Pass on These"
These simple dont smoke well. The loose pack make for a quick burn. The taste is has no depth.
Frank in Florida September 9, 2013
"Worst cigar ever"
Bought 3 bundles, and they are some of the worst cigars ever. Some wrapped so loose they fall apart, some so tight you suck your brains out. Won't buy again.
in May 2, 2013
"spend a little more"
spend a little more unless your desperate. cheaper in not better in this case
bigjay in kentucky May 1, 2013
"cigar man"
This is the 5th time I bought this cigar and it's the last time I will. The draw is the worst. Factory throwouts are better than this cigar. 85 % of the cigar is a very hard draw. I have a second bundle but I'm just going to toss them in the trash will not buy this cigar again EVER
dan in hanover April 21, 2013
"Worst Ever"
No draw for over half of Bundle, uneven burn, no flavor The famous bundles are much better for a couple dollars more
William in Georgia January 29, 2013
well this is the 4th time i baught this cigar i baught 2 bundles the draw was really bad in 70% of the two bundles i had to use a turkey needle to make the draw better i was very disapointed this time taste was fine but a lot of them was very dry and had cracked when i used my cutter to cut my cigars i have smoked thousands of cigars mabey famous will read this and discount my cigars i just placed an order or make mea deal that i will come back i have orderd severl different cigars but this time it was bad
dan the cigar man in hanover January 13, 2013
"good cigar for the money"
i have baught this cigar this is the second time i have placed an order for this cigar only problem with the cigar the bundle has only 20 in them so i have to order 2 bundles i smoke 3-4 cigars a day its a good cigar for evey day smoking and whewn your on a budget like me you can never go wrong grerat cigar and i will order again
dan cigar man in hanover January 1, 2013
These are the worst cigars. Poor draw, cheap is not always a good thing.
Mike in November 21, 2012
I can agree with most of the other review details. A bargain as a daily smoke. I sometimes get a pack that really draws poorly. Some almost impossible.
Bob in Redland November 12, 2012
I order my first bundle about a month ago and its a great smoke. I had a couple of them draw a little hard but flavor was great.I average 1-2 cigars a day and like the price too.I will buy them again
Ken in Spring City September 16, 2012
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