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Nesticos Reviews

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Nesticos Robusto
"Did I Do That"
My mind was clouded by smoke and I forgot to rate this Puro so I am back to take another swing. Try one of these you just might have a new go to daily smoke.
Mr. Blues in Central MN April 9, 2014
Nesticos Robusto
"I Must Be Losing It"
I tasted some chocolate after the spicy start settled down to a medium smoke. It had a fine finish to a fresh puro smoked right off the truck. If Nestor Plasencia made it I wanna smoke one. A spicey start
Mr. Blues in Central MN April 9, 2014
Nesticos Robusto 5 Pack
"Decent smoke for the money"
Bought a 5-pack and allowed a decent time in the humi before smoking the first one. Cold draw was pleasing, good draw after lighting and consistent throughout. Fairly good finish, decent amount of smoke (not quite what I would term 'big smoke', but do-able), certainly a good daily smoke for the price. Recommended.
B of GA in Georgia May 26, 2013
Nesticos Robusto
"More than I expected!"
I was pleasantly surprised right from the light. Notes of leather and pepper. A full bodied smoke. Not cigar of the year but this one has been under rated.
Mr Carter in Portland, OR March 14, 2013
Nesticos Robusto
"Hmmm...Not Bad!"
Have to admit, I wasn't expecting what I got when I ordered these. Bought 'em due to price, and I was really pleased. Good appearance and construction, good draw. Nice earthy, slightly peppery flavor. Better than some others for which I've paid 2X or 3X more. You just never know sometimes.
Flack in Atlanta February 26, 2013
Nesticos Robusto
"A Solid Value"
For the money, these are great cigars. I'm not a big fan of Oscuro wrappers,but other than that I really like this cigar. This is a med-full smoke with bitter chocolate and is very rich tasting. For a bit over a dollar a stick, this is one of the better bargain cigars out there.
Pete in Lacey,Wa. December 1, 2012
Nesticos Robusto
"Spotty, But Good"
These are not bad cigars, and a good value. They are, however, not very consistent. Some are rolled tight and some loose. If you don't mind either way, you should be good, as they are all smokable. There's a nice hint of spice, but not too strong. Flavor profile changes very little. Its not a bad smoke, just maybe need better quality control-- but what can you expect for the price.
Chase in Dallas August 22, 2012
Nesticos Robusto 5 Pack
"Wow !!!"
What a pleasant surprise, I've been thru two 5 pacs so far and I have nothing to complain about, I will be adding these to my every day humidor. I think I have to smoke one of the larger size ones like a toro,Dbl corona or pyramide.
Buffalo Spirit in Oneida Nation (rez) Wisconsin August 3, 2012
Nesticos Robusto
"Good Smoke"
Got these in a sampler pack. Good cigar, the first was a little tightly rolled so the draw was a little hard. Good flavor, definitely spice especially toward the end. For the price these are a keeper.
Ron in AZ October 17, 2011
Nesticos Robusto
"Great Bang for the Buck"
The draw is a little tight on the ones I've smoked, but none-the-less this is a great cigar for the money. Rich tobacco flavor. Good everyday smoke!
Jason in Va. Beach, Va. June 25, 2011
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