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Nesticos Reviews

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Nesticos Toro
"If You Like Garcia...."
I bought these on the sheer strength of the words: "Garcia-like" and the price. I love a full bodied, full flavored spicy cigar. And they got this baby right. It MUST be aged in your humidor for at least a month or longer. But if you want a treat, smoke one as soon as you get them. It tells the future of the cigar. These sticks pack a wallop of spice, earthiness, leather, raisin, and a sledge hammer. I must force myself, at the half way point of smoking this stick of dynamite, that I must slow down or its spinsville for me. If I slow down, then I can thumb suck it to the nub. A great stick!
Katmancross in The Midwest October 14, 2010
Nesticos Test Flight
"Poor smoke"
Uneven burn on each smoke, aroma was ok.
Glenn in North Carolina July 10, 2010
Nesticos Test Flight
"The best tasting cigar I've had in years!"
These are one of the best tasting cigars I've had in years! Kind of like a Gran Habano #5 (which I love) but a bit less sharp - and they burn WAY better (well, most things DO). Even OTT they are finger burnin' good. Hopefully, comments about first run vs. later runs of this factory being not quite the same will turn out to be 'not so'. I sure hope that's the case - as I'd like to see these available and as good as they are now for a long time to come. Recommended fer sure.
Blackhorse in Debtor's Prison March 4, 2010
Nesticos Robusto
"solid !"
had to try one out of the box because my curiosity got to me and this stick from full and very rich. felt in the stomach and head alike in the first half tobacco flavor this good is what i like.very well made and solid with that heavy quality that assures one a long the toro it went well over an hr. and held it's dark gray ash two in. and firm when i tipped it. the draw was easy and needed only one touch-up.the flavors are distinct and change mid way and just intensify to the nub.these are gonna nap till spring and revisit the nestico toro
figurado in cat square December 12, 2009
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