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Nestor Miranda Special Selection Reviews

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Nestor Miranda Lancero Oscuro
"Aged 2 Years"
This cigar gets a lot of mixed reviews. Age this cigar 2 years and it will surprise you. It keeps up with the best of them.
Riste in Northwest Indiana April 18, 2013
Nestor Miranda Piramides
"First Nestor"
D.P.G. did a nice job I really enjoyed the earthy taste of this stick nice full body and constuct, burn and appearence are on. Got this as a sub in a sampler I hope Famous keeps subbing my smokes with stuff like this all the time. Well played Famous, well played.
Lee in Phila Pa May 20, 2012
Nestor Miranda Special Selection Lancero Habano Rosado
just tried these for the first time excellent cigar,alomost as good as my zino chubby's. good taste the burn was good might have to switch.
billy c in chicago April 18, 2010
Nestor Miranda 20th Anniversary Danno
"Long smooth and mild smoke"
Started out with a great mild flavor and was fairly consistent through the whole cigar. Very relaxing cigar, probably will try this one again. Lasted for about an hour. Can not comment about the consistency of the cigars as I only had one.
S.E. in Costa Mesa, CA April 15, 2010
Nestor Miranda Special Selection Coffee Break Habano Oscuro
This smoke was not bad but, I wasn't expecting the "back of the throat" burn on my first puff. I was nervous with construction as, every stick I pulled from the box felt as though it had a "soft spot". Once lit though, the burn was excellent and only went out once when I put it down for a bit. The ash was firm and strong. The first third was woody with a hint of spice that I wasn't expecting. The cigar seemed to mellow out into the second third with a thick sweet-aroma-filled smoke. It finished off well but the spice never seemed to leave which for me was the only drawback. Not a Nutmeg spice but more Peppery. Probably perfect with a morning cup-o-Joe!
MARK Z in CARY, IL February 5, 2010
Nestor Miranda Ruky Perfecto
"Looks good enough to eat"
Smoked the first one at a pool hall with some wheat beer.Thought it was great but wasn't paying a lot of attention. After a sit-sown with a cocktail with the second one, I was even more impressed. Fabulous cigar. All aspects were A-one. This is now one of my favorites. These were the Rosados.
Jim in Kansas City January 21, 2010
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