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Nica Rustica El Brujito Reviews [view details]

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"Not a beginner smoke"
Flavor started right off the bat. Excellent construction. Very rich, love the retro-hale, very cedary if there s such a word , like smoking the inside of a cigar box, WOW. Strength ramped up as it burned, but not in a bad way. Not a true Drew fan, prior to this!!! You get a ton for the price.
Marty M in Chicago February 2, 2015
Absolutely perfect balanced cigar strength, size, flavor, draw, and price$....if you love a full cigar then this is the cigar for you!!!!
LG in TEXAS January 21, 2015
"Remarkable masterpiece!!!"
After taking a nice long whiff of the dark oily wrapper it smells like rich chocolate , I snapped off the pigtail and tested the draw. No need for a cigar cutter with this stick. I love a shaggy foot. It s a little hint that says Toast me! Also, since the wrapper leaf is usually the best quality, having a shaggy foot imparts good flavor into the first few puffs of smoke. Burn line: wobbly, but no touchups needed Ash: very light gray, firm Smoke: LOTS OF IT. Dense and strong. Nicotene: 7.5/10 The only unpleasant part of this cigar is the aroma. It reminds me of... burning hamburger fat. But I d never let a pithy little thing like stinky air keep me from smoking a good cigar. I m very happy to say that unlike the aroma, the taste is very pleasant. The smoke exudes a vivid chocolate flavor much like the wrapper leaf , and is rounded off by mild hints of cedar.
Jim B in Galloway, NJ January 10, 2015
They really outdid themselves with this cigar. Nothing in it s price range comes close.
smoker in north america March 6, 2014
"wow just wow"
the burn on mine was perfect we had 30 mph winds so I had to move from my backyard to the garage and only had to re light another time because of the weather which normally ruins a cigar and didn t seem to phase this one but the flavor is intense the first third was just a burst of citrus that has a very unique taste most people complain about it I enjoyed it personally cream and cocoa with a very wood like flavor it taste like cocoa pebbles to me and I don t mean kinda sorta I mean from the second third to the end a bowl of cocoa pebbles the pepper was so light it just seems to be a side note which I don t care how the flavor comes off only that its there it was a very good experience I say full body and about as full strength as I ve ever had don t even thick about it if you like maduros buy a bundle these could sell for 14 bucks and still be a great cigar I am impressed by the insane amount of smoke put off
Anne in Sayre March 5, 2014
"Best Deal You Can Find."
This stick burns slow, razor sharp, and cool. It s flavor, while relatively consistent, mellows and sweetens considerably as you progress. Full bodied, rustic, and an awesome value for its price. Buy them while you can.
Andy in Portland March 1, 2014
From the toasting of the closed foot, which releases a heavenly aroma, to the torrent of flavor that comes with the first few puffs, to the exquisite finish right down to the nub, this cigar is superb. If you are a fan of full flavored, full bodied smokes, do not miss this one.
Craig in St Paul, MN February 13, 2014
"Affordable Perfection"
Was lucky enough to be given a pre-release Nica Rustica at my local cigar shop and Holy Cow it did not disappoint. Incredible flavor, even burn, copious amounts of smoke. I took this one right to the nub and enjoyed every part. I m a Maduro Padron guy for the most part but this will become a staple in my humidor once they become available. In my opinion, a perfect smoke!!
EMO in UpState New York October 30, 2013
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10 Construction (100) 100
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