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Nicaraguan Bundles Reviews

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Plasencia Nicaraguan Presidente
"Great draw, good taste, GREAT Value!"
Great Value. Very good burn & draw.
Anthony in Fort Mill, SC. February 6, 2014
Plasencia Nicaraguan Toro
"Good every day cigar"
Smoked them for about 6 months and find them consistent from bundle to bundle. Good smoke at a good price.
Mel in New Mexico December 5, 2013
Plasencia Nicaraguan Rothschild
"Not a worthwhile purchase"
The taste wasn't to bad, but not good. Some of the cigars had someting in them that would not burn leaving behind a charcol type substance
Mel in New Mexico December 5, 2013 September 30, 2012
Plasencia Nicaraguan Corona
"Don't Buy!!"
These Cigars are a big disappointment...hot spots,canoing and they fall apart. After dealing with that, the taste is terrible!
John in New Jersey September 5, 2012
Nicaraguan Corona
"Good for......"
I prefer a stronger cigar. These are far to mild for me. However, these are perfect mooch cigars. The petite corona size is good for the newbie. The cigar is flavorful and mild enough to not overpower the occasional cigar smokers palate.
TonyP in St Louis February 25, 2012
Nicaraguan Presidente
"Choose a cigar"
I don't choose a cigar by it's price, rather I select what I smoke by the pleasure it gives me. I have smoked most of the big name brands but I ask myself why pay big bucks for a cigar when you can get the same pleasure for one at a much leser price. I am very pleased with the "presidente". Worth a try, hey! you might like it too!!!
Francis Laton December 30, 2011
Nicaraguan Rothschild
I was very pleasantly surprised by this cigar - having purchased a bundle from the Monster. The construction was very nice, it had a nice, rich tobacco flavor, felt nice in hand, burn - while not razor edge - was very good. In short, this cigar was solid - and was in my opinion, an extraordinary value.
Garguy in Kentucky July 28, 2011
Nicaraguan Torpedo
"Great Tasting Cigar For The Money"
This is my favorite golf course cigar. While it may not be the prettiest cigar in the world, it has that great Nicaraguan taste in a size that I prefer. I've been smoking them for years and have never been disappointed.
Ken in Ohio April 6, 2011
Nicaraguan Lonsdale
I bought these and was expecting something sub-par but WOW was I pleasently suprized! These have a nice smooth flavor and taste. I will be buying more of these! Thanks!
Lindsey in Alabama August 5, 2010
Nicaraguan Lonsdale
"What a smoke!"
What a great smoke for the price. A bit on the mild side, good notes of cedar and a perfect draw!
The Mad Hermit in Bristol, CT January 15, 2010
Amilcar Perez Castro
Iron Horse