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NicaRoma Connecticut Robusto
"An All-Round Good Cigar Set"
These cigars come in a lite to dark wrappper so it was interesting to taste the difference a wrapper makes. The burn was even and lasted 2 minutes without a puff, the construction was impeccable and the look was hi-end without the price. Now I like a mild cigar so the lite wrapper was my choice, the medium wrapper was heavier on the palatte and the dark wrapper was strong for me. All-in-all, a good cigar for a Mexican beer lite wrapper , and a glass of red wine medium wrapper and a glass of dark rum dark wrapper . An Interesting Taste Choice of a Nice Cigar
Bobby K in Huntington, NY June 15, 2014
NicaRoma Toro 3 Pack Sampler
"Taste good"
Taste goid
Charles in Texas May 5, 2014
NicaRoma Toro 3 Pack Sampler
"Flavorful cigar"
I really liked the Maduro Toro! A very flavorful cigar that I will refer to all my smokeing buddy s..
Tanner in TX May 5, 2014
NicaRoma Connecticut Toro
"Not Good"
This cigar was not a good cigar. Burn was uneven all the time and the taste was bland and harsh. I would not buy or smoke this cigar again.
Anthony in California April 25, 2014
NicaRoma Maduro Toro
Nasty smoke! Was provided a sample pack with an order of GOOD cigars. This was not one of them. Acrid to start, then flavorless. Inconsistent draw. It even smelled bad. But it did generate a lot of smoke. I happen to be in it for the taste, though...
Steven in WV March 4, 2014
NicaRoma Connecticut Toro
"Ok smoke, not top shelf of course"
For the price you cant expect to get a perfect cigar, but its ok to share with a buddy. Nothing special. Good draw but not much as far as flavor. Very mild.
Big Zac in Polk County FL January 16, 2014
NicaRoma Habano Toro
"marginal construction/burn, great taste"
got a sampler and the habano is the best of the three. looks a little rustic. once initial burn and draw issues were sorted, a hugely enjoyable, smooth and creamy smoke. never harsh down to the nub and stayed cool.
zin_guy in mountain view ca January 11, 2014
NicaRoma Maduro Toro
Pretty bitter even at the start, the draw was OK, but after that is was not a very good cigar. It's taste was very blah, nothing that would distinguish it as a cigar to enjoy, in fact it burned a lite hot, and I humidified it in my humidor for a while. I would never purchase, it was a free sampler sent to me. Appreciative of the free sampler but even at discount prices this is not a good purchase, even for a everyday cigar, there are better out there for the price.
David Swanson in Minneapolis MN January 2, 2014
NicaRoma Maduro Gordo
"I'd rather not..."
I got three of these gems for free with my last order. I cannot express how bad this cigar is. Something like smoking cardboard, I tossed the cigar almost immediately. Overpriced at free.
CBaum in Georgia December 18, 2013
La Floridita Fuerte
Iron Horse