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Nick's Sticks Reviews

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Nick's Sticks Churchill
"Very Good Cigar"
My number two pick after Perdomo Champagne.
tim achenbach in sinking spring, pa. September 15, 2013
Nick's Sticks Robusto
Really enjoy the smooth draw and burn of this cigar. The taste and aroma give of hints of spice, but not overpowering. I will be buying more of these cigars.
Lenny Cossman Jr in parkersburg July 9, 2013
Nick's Sticks Robusto
"Great for the Price!!!"
I am new to cigars, but already have over 200 in my collection, and have not bought a box of any until now. Great for the price and one of my favorites so far.
Goat in Woodstock GA June 26, 2013
Nick's Sticks Churchill Sun Grown
I don't know if I had bad cigars but all three I bought had low end flavor, in my opinion I've had better gas station cigars, and I don't even consider them real cigars. I wouldn't recommend any of them to a friend and would not try these again. I'll stick to quality products which these lack
Cody B. in New Hampshire April 14, 2013
Nick's Sticks Toro Connecticut
"easy draw,smooth,not bitter or hot"
First cigar in a long time I was able to sit back and really enjoy. Great burn,no bitter aftertaste.Half of the cigar was gone before I noticed that the ash was still there. Very Impressed
Richard in New York September 9, 2012
Nick's Sticks Torpedo
"Excellent Smoke - A Perdomo Home-Run"
I have been a fan of Perdomo cigars for years and when I saw a box of Nick's Sticks - Torpedo Maduro on Cigar Auction, I thought would try a box. Well, I was lucky enough to have the winning bid. The cigars turned out to be wonderful, Everything about the cigar is EXCELLENT Burn, Draw, Consistency, Taste, Etc, Etc. I have been impressed, yet, again, by Perdomo Cigars.
Lenny in Greensboro, NC May 2, 2012
Nick's Sticks Robusto Sun Grown
Decent bargain cigar with better than average flavor. Needed humidor time to loosen the draw.
Bnwink in Bismarck ND February 15, 2012
Nick's Sticks Robusto Connecticut
"Nothing more than a $3.00 smoke"
Overall construction on this cigar is good. Smooth Connecticut wrapper with one pronounced vein. Cigar was spongy at the foot and firmer toward the head. Draw was very loose and the stick burned even but hot. Tasted very harsh upon lighting but mellowed out. Taste of wood and hay...mild smoke. Not worth more than $3.00
JBF in Big Lake, MN July 24, 2011
Nick's Sticks Robusto
"Enjoyable smoke, for the most part."
When my local tobacconist recommended this cigar, I was skeptical. Teaches me to never judge a cigar by its plain band or its strange name! Appearance: Other than the simple band, this cigar was good looking, not very veiny, and a beautiful dark brown color. The feel of it is somewhat firm, with a few soft spots here and there. Draw: The draw seemed a bit looser than I'd like, and at times I did feel like I was simply sucking too much air. Aroma/flavor: I'm no cigar expert, and not very good at identifying flavors and such, but I do know that this cigar had a lovely flavor and medium body. I did detect hints of chocolate and a very subtle sweetness in the first and second third. In the final third these diminished and the cigar gained a more bitter tone, though not completely unpleasant. Burn: This is where I had the most issues, and had to correct the burn numerous times. Summary: All in all a good smoke that's well worth the modest price and I will definitely be investing in a few for my humidor!
Adam W in Saint Petersburg, FL June 17, 2011
Nick's Sticks Robusto Connecticut
"A Good $3.00 smoke"
It reminds me of the Maxx Traditional with that strong burn and foggy-sweet taste. Not a complex cigar but if you need to fill up the humidor with a low cost stick you could do a hell of a lot worse. And I will be buying more.
Dave in Los Angeles March 26, 2011
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