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Nick's Sticks Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"Enjoyable smoke, for the most part."
When my local tobacconist recommended this cigar, I was skeptical. Teaches me to never judge a cigar by its plain band or its strange name! Appearance: Other than the simple band, this cigar was good looking, not very veiny, and a beautiful dark brown color. The feel of it is somewhat firm, with a few soft spots here and there. Draw: The draw seemed a bit looser than I'd like, and at times I did feel like I was simply sucking too much air. Aroma/flavor: I'm no cigar expert, and not very good at identifying flavors and such, but I do know that this cigar had a lovely flavor and medium body. I did detect hints of chocolate and a very subtle sweetness in the first and second third. In the final third these diminished and the cigar gained a more bitter tone, though not completely unpleasant. Burn: This is where I had the most issues, and had to correct the burn numerous times. Summary: All in all a good smoke that's well worth the modest price and I will definitely be investing in a few for my humidor!
Adam W in Saint Petersburg, FL June 17, 2011
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