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Nub Cameroon 460 Reviews [view details]

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"My poor fingers!"
My only complaints about this cigar are that its too good and too short. I literally smoked this beauty down to 3/4". If I could put a photo in here I would show you compared to the original. Its definitely filling up a section of my humidor soon. Wonderful flavor and draw. Lovely burn. NUB PLEASE MAKE THESE LONGER!
Ian in Columbus,OH May 13, 2012
"Great Smoke"
I have smoked dozens of hour if smoked the way you are supposed, enjpy the draw, smoke and exhale.
David in Minneapolis February 6, 2012
Excellent cigar and a long smoke, very tasty
jonesy in iowa February 1, 2012
"Very Tasty Oliva"
I've been smoking these puppies for about 6months and luv them. I was already an Oliva fan with the Serie V so it was an easy switch to these affordable subsitutes. Still is a top notch smoke and is the perfect length at 4". Cheers Jim
in April 28, 2011
"Maybe I got a rare bad one"
This cigar tasted great, but a very uneven burn is only magnified on a stick as short as this one. Only lasted about 25 minutes, one side about 2 1/2 inches unburned. This would be a fine smoke if that's unusual.
Ted in New Jersey March 24, 2011
"Pure smokers delight"
After smoking cigars for 22 years, this little gem is a pure smooth delight. The Cameroon wrapper gives it a mild spice taste. The fillers are smooth and not bitter. Smoking to the nub ends with a stronger peppery finish. A must try!!
Schmidty in Jersey Boy February 6, 2011
"I love these Nubs, so does my Mom...."
Suprised of the mildness of this cigar. The cigar ends like it begins, it is smooth, tastey and would last an hour if I wouldn't keep puffing on the thing! I have 3 cigars filling my humidors now, all from Famous Smoke Shop and the Nub is right on top. I love the Cameroon wrapper on these and the CAO Cx2. Priced right and my 89 year old mother loves the aroma and allows me to smoke these in the house, imagine that.
Rick Blake in Bakersfield, Ca December 31, 2010
"so smooth and sweet."
2nd Nub I tried from the sampler. The Connecticut was not good but this was so sweet... reminded me of the wrapper from an Oliva I had once. Very tasty.
sr in ne December 1, 2010
"Fantastic Cigar"
My first order of these, and I love everything about them. Great flavor, great even burn, smoked it to the nub. Ordering more now.
CactusBob in MI October 6, 2010
"Really Nice"
Am a fan of all of these. Nice draw with very rich smoke and body. Usually keep a variety of these on hand. Not a real big fan of the Conn. though. But the others are always available to freinds. The add with them standing and holding ash is true as it appears. Excellant construction and tabacco. Must try for all who enjoy large rings.
Dale in NorCal January 31, 2010
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