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Nub Cameroon 464T Reviews [view details]

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"Nice cigar"
It s a nice cigar, good taste, but too short. 4 x 64 is a complicated size. ;
Vasil in CA January 24, 2014
"awesome cigar"
flavor is great and a great cigar
Aaron in Kentucky November 8, 2013
"A true 45 minute burn!"
Great cigar i rate this cigar somewhat very similar with la aurora Cameroon 6x58. Nub Cameroon 464t is a flavorful cigar not to harsh towards then end, and besides the smoke truly lasted 45 min. I also paired this cigar with an espresso dbl shot my lips felt a tingle sensation from both the cigar and dbl shot... Overall smooth cigar 8.5 out of 10!
Gio in Hoboken NJ July 27, 2012
Very overrated cigar. I don't think I'll be buying anymore Nubs. Had a Connecticut that was mild. At least the Connecticut was excusably mild. This Cameroon had no excuse to be so mild. Very mild, almost no flavor, very, very harsh. Cameroons have some spice to them, a little heat on the back of the throat, but this was just harshness. No spice flavor, just a harsh feeling. Burn was good, and the cigar looked nice. One of the cigars out of the two I got had a nick in the wrapper causing it to unravel a bit. For a cigar that can retail from $5 to $7 this is an extremely overrated stick. I don't think I'll be buying anymore Nubs.
Ben in New York March 11, 2012
I'm a nubie, I don't smoke, I only start smoking cigars for a month. I like some mild flavor cigars like CAO, I was interested just to try experience a big Ring one. I thought I couldn't stand it, I was wrong! I'll definitely get a box next time.
Yandi S in Indonesia January 31, 2012
Don't let the size full you. This cigar is bloody brilliant. I was somewhat skeptical but I have to say. Awesome flavor. Nice smell to it before lighting. It lasted me about 45 minutes and I smoked the Nub down to the nub. As soon as it was pretty much just pure heat and my eyes were watering from the smoke I decided to put it out. I will definitely be buying a box of these as soon as I have the money. Only real down side is it was hard to keep a straight line going. I had to do a touch up a few times. But don't let that steer you away
Ian in Columbus October 8, 2011
What a great cigar. This is the first review I have done on any cigar. Won a 6 pack on the auction and I dont regret it one bIt. Great flavor and taste. Who thought such a short cigar would be so great. Definitely recommend.
Outlaw in SC July 10, 2011
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