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Nub Cameroon Reviews

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Nub Cameroon 460
"Very Surprise"
Love these shorties! This was a great surprise. Mixed well with a Porter beer from our local brewery. These things start off in the sweet spot and ends the same way. Kicked it off with the flame from a cedar stick to highlight the cedar notes that these smokes give.
Roscoe 767 in Foothills NC February 12, 2015
Nub Cameroon 460
It s a nice cigar! Not too harsh, not too tasteless. :
Vasil in CA June 4, 2014
Nub Cameroon 460
"A must for every stogie lover"
If you want something that will not disapoint, get of these. New to aficionado will appreciate these tasty sticks. Smooth, flavorful and looks great
Jared in SNJ February 18, 2014
Nub Cameroon 464T
"Nice cigar"
It s a nice cigar, good taste, but too short. 4 x 64 is a complicated size. ;
Vasil in CA January 24, 2014
Nub Cameroon 464T
"awesome cigar"
flavor is great and a great cigar
Aaron in Kentucky November 8, 2013
Nub Cameroon 460
"Excellent medium-to-full cigar"
Slow burn and with a rather tight draw. Smooth flavors, albeit closer to full strength than medium. A little too dark (didn't quite work with high end blended scotch; better with bourbon) and slow for my liking, but I can see this being outstanding for those who enjoy the style, and a great value for the price. It's really the right length for how dark it is.
Stefan in San Francisco August 24, 2013
Nub Cameroon 460
"Great Cigar...Impressed"
Great Cigar with great taste. Sweet spot from beginning to end, enjoyed it to the nub.
Stefan in San Francisco August 24, 2013 in New Jersey May 5, 2013
Nub Cameroon 460
"Smooth from start to finish"
I had just finished smoking a Don Tomas Clasico, which was nothing but harsh ever third. I fired this little beauty up after finishing that cigar and what a breath of fresh air! It is so smooth and creamy, with endless amounts of thick creamy smoke. The odd thing is, the Don Tomas is rated in the 90's as well, undeservedly so. This is a 90+ cigar!
Pete in Omaha May 2, 2013
Nub Cameroon 460
Tried one right out of the mail box. Outstanding! Finishing it as I type. Can't wait to see how they age. Will definitely be ordering more.
Mike in California March 14, 2013
Nub Cameroon 466BPT
""Awesome fat little smoke""
This has become my go-to cigar. Love the taste and the smoke is creamy white. Nothing bad to say about this cigar!
Mark in Fort Smith, AR February 26, 2013
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