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Nub Cameroon Reviews

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Nub Cameroon 460
Excellent cigar and a long smoke, very tasty
jonesy in iowa February 1, 2012
Nub Cameroon 464T
I'm a nubie, I don't smoke, I only start smoking cigars for a month. I like some mild flavor cigars like CAO, I was interested just to try experience a big Ring one. I thought I couldn't stand it, I was wrong! I'll definitely get a box next time.
Yandi S in Indonesia January 31, 2012
Nub Cameroon 466BPT
"Not For Me (NUB 466)"
Short Summary : The Wrapper was great, strong and stayed intact. Strong peppery taste at first then went medium towards half mark(which was a good thing for this cigar). Cigar went out on me with 1/3 left. It does look nice but I would not buy this again.
Mojarr0 in Baldwin Park January 27, 2012
Nub Cameroon 466BPT
"not much love for this nub"
bought this in a sampler,the ciger it self , not much tast,aroma, burn ok eeeh .also i dont get the "nub" thing 6-7 bucks for a gar,buy a real one for almost the same price
russell in brigantine,nj January 11, 2012
Nub Cameroon 464T
Don't let the size full you. This cigar is bloody brilliant. I was somewhat skeptical but I have to say. Awesome flavor. Nice smell to it before lighting. It lasted me about 45 minutes and I smoked the Nub down to the nub. As soon as it was pretty much just pure heat and my eyes were watering from the smoke I decided to put it out. I will definitely be buying a box of these as soon as I have the money. Only real down side is it was hard to keep a straight line going. I had to do a touch up a few times. But don't let that steer you away
Ian in Columbus October 8, 2011
Nub Cameroon 466BPT
"Not to shabby."
This one is not for the faint of heart. I had some burn issues but, made up for it in the construction. The draw is just right.
Big Moose in Lawrenceville, IL. October 7, 2011
Nub Cameroon 358
"Maybe it was just a bad batch"
I didn't like this cigar at all. Harsh from the start and not enjoyable at all. I tried this cigar twice and both times I was disappointed. Maybe I didn't leave in my humidor long enough but I will probably never try these again.
AJ in Brooklyn August 19, 2011
Nub Cameroon 464T
What a great cigar. This is the first review I have done on any cigar. Won a 6 pack on the auction and I dont regret it one bIt. Great flavor and taste. Who thought such a short cigar would be so great. Definitely recommend.
Outlaw in SC July 10, 2011
Nub Cameroon 466BPT
"Rock-solid medium!"
This is a rock-solid medium bodied cigar that looks great, lights and burns great, but most importantly... tastes great. Highly recommended.
Jesse CourteManche in Norfolk, Virginia May 11, 2011
Nub Cameroon 460
"Very Tasty Oliva"
I've been smoking these puppies for about 6months and luv them. I was already an Oliva fan with the Serie V so it was an easy switch to these affordable subsitutes. Still is a top notch smoke and is the perfect length at 4". Cheers Jim
Jesse CourteManche in Norfolk, Virginia May 11, 2011 April 28, 2011
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