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"Good from far, but far from good"
This ashtray looks really nice from about 5-6 feet away. A closer inspection reveals that this thing is a turd made in China. Mine had numerous small cracks in the ceramic as well as LOTS of small cracks and runs in the finish. It looks pretty heinous up close. The good news is that when it is full of ashes I won't be able to tell as much, but it's not much of a looker aside from that. Save your money for something a bit better quality.
Pjust in Virginia November 20, 2013
"If you can get it cheap..."
If you can get it cheap, do it. Otherwise back out because it's not spectacular. It's what you'd expect from a made in china anything. Mine even has many little hairline fractures in it. Hold cigars for your buddies though. Just don't pull it out to brag.
in October 21, 2013
"Very nice"
I have no idea what some people expected, but after all it's an ash tray. I found this to be as writen, and very exceptable.If I needed another ash tray, I would buy this one again.
Jim in Minnesota August 22, 2011
"Lightweight Ashtray"
This is a very large ashtray with rests large enough for 4 60 gage cigars. I am disappointed, the post said solid ceramic and it is not. It is a hollow cast mold, very light-weight and brittle feeling. If I were to buy another ashtray, I would pass this by and look for something with a little more heft.
Anthony in Buffalo, NY April 22, 2011