Nub Cigar Ashtray

White 8 In. Square

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White 8 In. Square
At 8-inches square, the Nub Cigars ashtray is no pipsqueak. Made of hollow-cast ceramic with 4 Nub-sized stirrups, and easily capable of handling the biggest ring gauge cigars. The classic Nub logo adorns the tray's center, completing an accessory no Nub-lover should be without. Order yours now.
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"Good from far, but far from good "
This ashtray looks really nice from about 5-6 feet away. A closer inspection rev... more
Pjust in Virginia
"If you can get it cheap... "
If you can get it cheap, do it. Otherwise back out because it's not spectacular.... more
"Very nice "
I have no idea what some people expected, but after all it's an ash tray. I foun... more
Jim in Minnesota
"Lightweight Ashtray "
This is a very large ashtray with rests large enough for 4 60 gage cigars. I am ... more
Anthony in Buffalo, NY
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