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Nub Club Reviews

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The Nub Club '358'
"A Little Bitter"
This was the first cigar I've smoked that started bitter and harsh then mellowed into a decent smoke. I was excited to try these, as they were rated very high in the reviews I read. I'd recommend these to an everyday smoker/or those who like a bolder cigar.
JB in Centreville, VA December 17, 2012
The Nub Club 'Cameroon'
"Most reviews are brutal....try these"
I typically don't buy retail...or even from Famous Smoke for these on the Cigar Auctioneer. I have won bids that average the price around $2.50 per cigar....say what you want but for that price I think these are pretty darn good. I lean towards Maduro but to have these in my humidor for the grill...tailgating at a football game - I think they're great!
acigaraday in Indiana July 9, 2012
The Nub Club 'Connecticut'
"Top TEN Stick"
Most Cigars you need about 20 minutes to get most of the flavors, but not the NUB. Great infusion of flavors from first Light to the Nub ending.
Buck in South Florida March 15, 2012
The Nub Club 'Cameroon'
"For what it's worth, I liked the cameroon."
Stopped in a local shop and tried a cameroon while waiting for the wife to finish shopping. I liked it.
TC in Florida February 13, 2012
The Nub Club '358'
"Not For Me"
Short Summary : The Wrapper was great, strong and stayed intact. Strong peppery taste at first then went mild towards half mark(which was a good thing for this cigar). Cigar went out on me with 1/3 left. Would not buy again.
Mojarr0 in Baldwin Park, California January 25, 2012
The Nub Club 'Habano'
EDDIEV in UNION CITY. NJ November 29, 2011
The Nub Club 'Cameroon'
"Can't believe we're all talking 'bout the same cig"
I'm a huge Cameroon fan and keep over a dozen different lines in my collection. I have to say the the Nub Cameroon is one of my favorites. For those of you that found them "harsh" or "burning hot," slow your roll... When smoked at a leisurely pace, these are great smokes. They have a different blend and taste than Fuentes, so a cross comparison really isn't fair. - Mk
PadillaGuy in US November 11, 2011
The Nub Club 'Cameroon'
OK, I fell for it. You got me. I was a sucker. What a terrible cigar!!! After nearly gagging on the first 2 when I first purchased them last year, I aged the other 6 in my humidor for 10 months. Just lit one up last week and I think that they are actually worse after aging them. I have had a 2 dollar gas station cigar that was better than this. Now I still have 5 of the 8 pack sampler left which is just going to be used as humidor filler for now. Needless to say I will not be a member of this so called NUB CLUB. Avoid this OVER-HYPED dud at all costs!!!!
Scott Bradford in Mesa August 5, 2011
The Nub Club '464T'
"Lovin the Nub's!"
I have been hearing a lot about the Nub's from Oliva, but, my go to tabacco place doesn't carry them. I found the site while surfing one day and what do you know they had a great 8 pack sampler for $25! They all look amazing. Flawless wrappers and construction. As of now, I have tried the CT, Habano and maduro. The CT has a very nice nutty flavor and the thick ring gauge really enchances the blend. Very flavorful for a CT. The Habano while very pretty with an amazing rosado like tone was my least my favoite. It was just as well made as the others, but, I feel the blend just didn't know what it wanted to be. It was like they couldn't decide if they wanted flavor or strength from the blend and as a result leaves the smoker confused. To me, a super large ring gauge like the Nub needs a consistent blend, so while tasty, had too much going on for my tastes. The maduro, however, is fabulous! What all mad's should be! A hearty and flavorful blend that smoked wonderfully. I didn't want it to end.
NYGus in Brooklyn, NY June 14, 2011
The Nub Club '358'
"A Good cigar to start the day"
My favorite version would be the maduro or is it the Cain Nub or the Camaroon ? It's hard to say, Iv'e been smokin one of them almost everday with my wake-up coffee ( french pressed ) what a pair, I like the fatter 60 ring size best they burn about fifteen Mins. more than the smaller ones.
BufaloSpirit in Oneida Nation Wi. May 21, 2011
Rocky Patel Xtreme
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