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Nub Club Reviews

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The Nub Club 'Cameroon'
"Pretty much nothing more than a marketing gimmick"
I tend to agree wtih Bill. While these aren't the worst cigars I ever tasted, they are some of the worst tasting I've ever smoked that had enjoyed so much hype. I tried them, and now I'm finished with them. I'd much rather 'nub' a good "Fuente" or "Monte" ... and enjoy every second. Sorry NUB .... you just don't measure up.
Rick in Missouri March 27, 2011
The Nub Club 'Connecticut'
"Favorite Connecticut"
Nub Connecticut is loaded with flavor and is a highly satisfying smoke. Is at the top of my list when choosing a medium bodied cigar. Great stick!
Tim in Wisconsin January 15, 2011
The Nub Club 'Cameroon'
"Bill should try the Connecticut's"
the Cameroons don't stand up to the Connie's.....
rick in jersey December 31, 2010
The Nub Club 'Cameroon'
I read the hype on the nub cigars and couldn't wait to try them. Because I am a fan of cameroon, I bought a box of the nub 464T (Torpedos) Cameroon. I am 56 years of age and have been smoking cigars since I was 23 years of age. I have never smoked anything as nasty tasting as this cigar. They smoke HOT and have a very, very harsh bitter taste. Maybe they'll taste better after several months in my humidor. For now, I am writing this cigar off as just another gimmick to sell cigars. If they improve with time, I'll be back to write a different review.
Bill in Oklahoma November 25, 2010
The Nub Club 'Habano'
"Great Sampler"
This is one of the best samplers ever!!!!!! Nub Habano is the best!! Great smoke, Great flavor! nutty and creamy at the same time. I give it a 91 rating
Ron in Toledo, Ohio November 17, 2010
The Nub Club 'Connecticut'
"Great Smoke"
Great cigars that burn slow and smoke easy. Highly recommended.
Sully in Pennsylvania November 9, 2010
The Nub Club '460'
"Very Smooth, Well Constructed Smoke"
I purchased the Nub Club 460 to give the cigar a test run. I found the Connecticut Nub -- the mildest of the group -- to be the one I enjoyed the most. Though the others were a little stronger flavored than I like, each was consistent in burn and the taste from light to snub. One piece of advise... use a punch on these. Because of the thickness, a cutter is not an efficient tool.
Mike Finamore in Madison, Alabama October 9, 2010
Oliva 5 Cigar Nub Sampler
"Great way to try the Nubs."
Pleasantly surprised by the quality of the smoke. Good from start to finish.
Jim in Colorado August 28, 2010
The Nub Club 'Cameroon'
I recently got a sampler of the nubs, and gave my friend to try the cameroon nub 460. Wow, he was blown away , the taste the smell, and how long it lasts. Lasts roughly an hour, pending how hard you smoke it. Def a wonderful cigar,and I love how compact it is
stavros in naperville IL July 2, 2010
The Nub Club 'Habano'
"Big Mouthed, Tasty Stogies"
Good burn, rich cedar and peanutty aroma. Slightly searing to the nostrils...I luv it! Tons of smoke. There is nothing not to like about this sampler...oh, wait, they need to sell it more often. The sizes are a laughable and enjoyable smoking adventures. I like adventures! The torpedo feels like I'm smoking a 50 cal. shell! Smoke it too fast it'll feel like it, too! The 4X66 did make my jaw sort of cramp up in hour #2, b/c of size, but it was almost finished smoking any-who. Tasty potent treats. Seem full to me, not so "medium to full". Buy 'em.
Brent in Kirkland, WA February 21, 2010
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