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Nub Connecticut 358 Reviews [view details]

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"Not too bad"
Not my favorite, but the draw was good. Taste just wasn't there for me, however consistent throughout.
in February 1, 2012
"Not a bad smoke 83"
The burn on this little guy was good all the way through, no re-lights on this stick. From the very first puff to the last draw on this cigar the flavor was extremely consistent, woody, creamy and a very mild to medium flavor. After all, like beauty is to the eye of the beholder, flavor is a spectrum of one smoker?s palate. The draw was too good (is this possible) I punched a good size hole in this small stick because of the gauge size. I then realized I should have punched a smaller hole because this stick is so short. The appearance had small blemishes but a nice Connecticut shade color. Either way, because this was a hand rolled bad boy, the wrapper should have been discarded or the final stick should have been caught as a second in my opinion. The overall taste was really good, not great or excellent, but really good. The final construction was the only disappointment and kept this stick from hitting a 90 or above in my opinion.
Rudy in San Antonio October 31, 2009
"Long smoke for short stature"
I tried this stubby stick last nite at the kick-off of Monday Night Football. By half-time, I was only 1/3 into the stick! Billows of smoke and smooth, although burn started to taper off and ended up with over 1 /1/2 inch ash but uneven burn. Maybe due to my lighting in breezy conditions. Next time I won't have the Shiner with this one - made for a good buzz! Burn faded 1/2 way in and upon relight, heated the center too much. I'll try it again before I make a final decision.
Dave in Dallas October 14, 2009
"Quality not Quantity"
Not really into Conn. wrappers, but this was very good. Because of the nub design there is no fourplay, on the contrary: the flavors of spice and cedar hit you immediately like a ton of bricks! I have a sampler package so I am looking foward to trying the rest of the line (cameroon, habano and maduro). Would buy again. Overall score is a 92
Charles V in Alamogordo, NM August 15, 2009
"An overall wonderful cigar that will last an hour."
This is a very good cigar for the price! My favorite is the Ashton Cabinet #6 but that goes for $9.50 each. So, the Nub 358 offers a very good flavor and strong construction that is very affordable. I easily get a 2" to a 2 1/2" ash! The draw is good but the burn can be weak at the end. I have found that at times I have to re-hit it with the lighter to get a good finish. After trying 13 Nub's I have found that I get from 1 hour to about 1 and 10 minutes on the average. This is the ideal cigar for when you dont have more that an hour and a half to smoke. All in all, this is one of my favorite mild/medium cigars, with a great flavor, that will not disappoint. I give this cigar a 90 overall.
Brendan D. in Michigan August 13, 2009
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10 Burn (80) 100
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10 Consistency (81) 100
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10 Construction (94) 100
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