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"Great! Good anytime smoke."
I don't know what it is about these Nub cigars, but they drive me crazy! In a good way of course. Just got my package in and this was the first one I grabbed. I eagerly awaited this one after almost breaking down and buying one from the local shop, but at 9 and change, I just had to wait. Boy was it worth it. The smoke is creamy and thick with great notes of nut and leather. Also, it leaves a great aftertaste, which I don't say often. Overall, great cigar and great connecticut. I'm never displeased with Nub!
in Buffalo NY May 31, 2013
"Nice, missing something."
A good cigar. Had an hour, so I sat down and smoked one of these. Pleasant aroma, good draw. Well constructed, no burn issues, didn't need any attention on my part. Very mild, very plain flavors. A little nut, a little leather, consistent through the cigar. Not a cigar I want to just sit down and smoke. Needs a good drink or some good company to go with it. No different than 45 minutes of your average Connecticut. Good, but not $8.00 good. If you're into mild, this is a good cigar to try. If you like a little more complexity, try this with a different wrapper.
Ben in February 29, 2012
"A Real Man's Smoke!!!!!"
One great smoke no need to spend $15 for a stick after 18 hole's, Nub 460 and a ice cold MGD that's how I roll.
Moose Big Deer in Riverside,ca December 23, 2011
"Little Big Cigar.."
Cigar tasted great! good Long smoke and wll last 45 mins to a hour if you wait at least a minute between puffs.. a absolute joy to smoke.
Matt in St Paul Mn December 8, 2011
"Something's missing"
This was my second Nub and I can say they make an attractive and well constructed cigar with a good aroma and a draw that is well ballanced, not too loose or too tight. But, it's missing something.
Big Moose in Lawrenceville, IL. October 15, 2011
"Awesome Cigar!"
These are great. Very smooth, slow burning, and taste very good. Highly recommended!
in August 8, 2011
its a nice cigar. im not huge on big cigars. i think ill just smoke it down to the ring.
Tony in Lexington ky April 26, 2011
"Great smoke but make them 1" longer"
Boss aroma before lighting. First 5 draws were harsh and bitter. After that a Great tasting, flavorful, truly enjoyable cigar experience. If there were a God he'd make them an inch or 2 longer..THEN there'd be no need to buy ANY OTHER BRAND PERIOD!
Steven in Sunrise, Florida April 23, 2011
"Smooth smoke"
This was a nice smooth smoke with tosty flavors. Very well constructed cigar that burned good all the way to the nub. The smoothness was even better at the end. Cameroon is still my favorite but this is a close second for the mild cigar smoker.
Schmidty in Jersey boy February 7, 2011
"Great Cigar for the money"
This cigar is smooth with a nice cremey favor, and an even burn. It goes well with wine and last 20 to 30 mintues.
Larry in Atlanta January 5, 2011
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