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Nub Connecticut 464T Reviews [view details]

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"Best Connecticut so far"
I tried Oliva Connecticut Reserve before and I liked it but Nub Connecticut just blew my mind. It's creamy and smooth beyond imagination but far from lacking taste like some light cigars do. Size is a bit awkward to me but it's a matter of preference. Overall it's a fantastic cigar and must try if Connecticut wrapper is your thing.
ogotaj in Staten Island, NY December 16, 2010
If you like looking like a mafioso or a crooked banker form the 20's, this is your smoke. If you like great cigars this is also your smoke. It smokes as long as a churchill and gets better with each draw. I couldn't bear to throw the stub away. Even when you are feeling the heat off the burn this cigar is smooth and tasteful. I also found 8 nubs for 20 bucks? You gotta be kidding me. My new #1.
Tommy V in Memphis December 6, 2010
"Make it longer!"
Damn good. Wished it was a bit longer. Maybe 5.5"
Steve H in Simi Valley, Ca October 24, 2009
"Harsh at first, then rather nice"
For a Connecticut wrapper this seemed a little harsh for the first half. My friend, who gave it to me out of a sampler had the same experience. The last half of it was excellent. Construction seems perfect but I now have a Cameroon (my friend bought a box after determining it was his favorite) so I'm about to smoke it to see if it is better.
Jeff in Overseas July 7, 2009
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