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Nub Connecticut Reviews

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Nub Connecticut 464T
"Very Nice!"
Very tasty! Burn is inconsistent and went out for me a couple time, but other then that the is perfect for me. Favorite!
Logan in Massachusetts August 26, 2014
Nub Connecticut 464T
Love the nubs... Wish it wasn t so expensive... great flavor with lots of smoke... wish these things would go for like 100 a box... that would be nice!
Al in New York November 11, 2013
Nub Connecticut 464T
"Not as Expected."
Allowed for several months to mature, my smoke was a little harsh. I'll try again later, but the first experience has been noted.
Brian in Los Angeles September 3, 2013
Nub Connecticut 354
"One of my personal favorites!"
I tried my first Nub Connecticut fairly recently and have smoked several since. When I first bought this cigar, I did so mainly because I thought they were funny... I was not expecting much. The Nub Connecticut 354 blew me away, it has plenty of complex and toasty flavors which are quite enjoyable. I also got a kind of almond flavor from the cigar. The construction was okay, though the outer wrapper may flake off in places as smoked. The burn is okay as well, if you light it poorly, it tends to straighten itself out decently well. The smoke output is good too, though because the cigar has a decently wide ring gauge, the smoke has a tendency to blow back in your face towards the end of the smoking session, which can become unbearable. I personally love these medium strength cigars. I plan on buying more in the near future! I highly recommend these cigars.. I should add that they would be great to hand out to friends or company too due to the fact that they are enjoyable both from a smoking and aesthetics perspective!
Ben Thompson in USA July 16, 2013
Nub Connecticut 460
"Great! Good anytime smoke."
I don't know what it is about these Nub cigars, but they drive me crazy! In a good way of course. Just got my package in and this was the first one I grabbed. I eagerly awaited this one after almost breaking down and buying one from the local shop, but at 9 and change, I just had to wait. Boy was it worth it. The smoke is creamy and thick with great notes of nut and leather. Also, it leaves a great aftertaste, which I don't say often. Overall, great cigar and great connecticut. I'm never displeased with Nub!
Ben Thompson in USA July 16, 2013 in Buffalo NY May 31, 2013
Nub Connecticut 354
This was my first Nub cigar and I have to say I wasn't impressed. It canoed the entire time and I had to keep touching it up. Not sure if it was my fault or not but I toasted it pretty well and evenly but I had to touch it up 4 times. The taste was a bit lacking and the cap had a few minor inconsistencies. I would give it another try but from the one attempt, I wasn't impressed. The draw was very smooth though so I have to give it that.
Moe in New York April 24, 2013
Nub Connecticut 464T
"Excellent Cigar"
This was a great cigar, I was very impressed. Mellow with outstanding smoke, draw, and burn.
Scott in Michigan August 5, 2012
Nub Connecticut 460 5pk
"Big Bang in Small package"
I cannot believe what an unbelievable good stix. Rub-a-Dub to the last Nub.
Buck in Boynton Bch March 18, 2012
Nub Connecticut 460
"Nice, missing something."
A good cigar. Had an hour, so I sat down and smoked one of these. Pleasant aroma, good draw. Well constructed, no burn issues, didn't need any attention on my part. Very mild, very plain flavors. A little nut, a little leather, consistent through the cigar. Not a cigar I want to just sit down and smoke. Needs a good drink or some good company to go with it. No different than 45 minutes of your average Connecticut. Good, but not $8.00 good. If you're into mild, this is a good cigar to try. If you like a little more complexity, try this with a different wrapper.
Ben February 29, 2012
Nub Connecticut 358
"Not too bad"
Not my favorite, but the draw was good. Taste just wasn't there for me, however consistent throughout.
Ben February 29, 2012 February 1, 2012
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