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Nub Connecticut Reviews

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Nub Connecticut 460
"A Real Man's Smoke!!!!!"
One great smoke no need to spend $15 for a stick after 18 hole's, Nub 460 and a ice cold MGD that's how I roll.
Moose Big Deer in Riverside,ca December 23, 2011
Nub Connecticut 464T
"love these cigars"
These cigars a great when smoked right. I don't understand why people want them longer. Hence the name nub, and when smoked properly they last an hour or longer.
Moose Big Deer in Riverside,ca December 23, 2011 December 21, 2011
Nub Connecticut 460
"Little Big Cigar.."
Cigar tasted great! good Long smoke and wll last 45 mins to a hour if you wait at least a minute between puffs.. a absolute joy to smoke.
Matt in St Paul Mn December 8, 2011
Nub Connecticut 464T
"Tasted good right away."
I am new to cigar smoking. The NUB Connecticut 460 was good with the first 3 puffs. Noticed the sweet taste instantly. Smoked it down till I could barely hold it. Can't wait to try the Cameroon, Habano, and Maduro.
Al T. in Long Beach November 29, 2011
Nub Connecticut 354
"Outstanding cigar"
Want a perfect mild cigar with some taste? This is the one. Excellent burn and nice smoke production. I wish it were longer. It's long enough I guess. Lasted nearly 45 minutes.
Bandy in Midwest October 15, 2011
Nub Connecticut 460
"Something's missing"
This was my second Nub and I can say they make an attractive and well constructed cigar with a good aroma and a draw that is well ballanced, not too loose or too tight. But, it's missing something.
Big Moose in Lawrenceville, IL. October 15, 2011
Nub Connecticut 464T
"Not worth the money"
I have tons of NUBs in my humidor that I have picked up from samplers over the years. I have tried several on occasions and I am yet to be impressed. This one the Connecticut is harsh and leave a burn taste in your throat. So many other options out there for the price. I don't think they are worth 50.00 a box let alone 120.00 Pick yourself up some Alec Bradley Factory seconds for half the price and do your throat a favor.
Zach S in Salt Lake City UT October 8, 2011
Nub Connecticut 460
"Awesome Cigar!"
These are great. Very smooth, slow burning, and taste very good. Highly recommended!
Zach S in Salt Lake City UT October 8, 2011 August 8, 2011
Nub Connecticut 464T
This is not a bad cigar... but why do they exist? Is it for people with only 15 minutes?
Bill Ashbaugh in Chicago June 5, 2011
Nub Connecticut 464T
"Nice Smoke"
I have to agree that it was a bit harsh at first, but after the first inch it got quite mello. I enjoyed the first one I got in my sampler and look forward to the second. The burn did require a bit of correction, but overall was acceptable. This cigar looks great and the draw and construction were fantastic.
meh456 in Michigan May 21, 2011
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