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Nub Connecticut Reviews

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Nub Connecticut 464T
"Nice Smoke"
I have to agree that it was a bit harsh at first, but after the first inch it got quite mello. I enjoyed the first one I got in my sampler and look forward to the second. The burn did require a bit of correction, but overall was acceptable. This cigar looks great and the draw and construction were fantastic.
meh456 in Michigan May 21, 2011
Nub Connecticut 460
its a nice cigar. im not huge on big cigars. i think ill just smoke it down to the ring.
Tony in Lexington ky April 26, 2011
Nub Connecticut 460
"Great smoke but make them 1" longer"
Boss aroma before lighting. First 5 draws were harsh and bitter. After that a Great tasting, flavorful, truly enjoyable cigar experience. If there were a God he'd make them an inch or 2 longer..THEN there'd be no need to buy ANY OTHER BRAND PERIOD!
Steven in Sunrise, Florida April 23, 2011
Nub Connecticut 464T
"Not bad....but..."
This wasn't a bad cigar but I expected more. Although it drew nicely, it burned rather strangely. The taste was harsh at the beginning but mellowed out relatively quickly. Aroma was mediocre at best.
Sketch in Connecticut February 21, 2011
Nub Connecticut 354
First NUB cigar I have smoked and all I can say is smooth, smooth, smooth! This one burned for 45 minutes to an 1 hour (lost track of time I was enjoying it so much) was very consistent, even burn and great with an ice cold drink.
David in Eugene, OR. February 17, 2011
Nub Connecticut 460
"Smooth smoke"
This was a nice smooth smoke with tosty flavors. Very well constructed cigar that burned good all the way to the nub. The smoothness was even better at the end. Cameroon is still my favorite but this is a close second for the mild cigar smoker.
Schmidty in Jersey boy February 7, 2011
Nub Connecticut 460
"Great Cigar for the money"
This cigar is smooth with a nice cremey favor, and an even burn. It goes well with wine and last 20 to 30 mintues.
Larry in Atlanta January 5, 2011
Nub Connecticut 464T
"Best Connecticut so far"
I tried Oliva Connecticut Reserve before and I liked it but Nub Connecticut just blew my mind. It's creamy and smooth beyond imagination but far from lacking taste like some light cigars do. Size is a bit awkward to me but it's a matter of preference. Overall it's a fantastic cigar and must try if Connecticut wrapper is your thing.
ogotaj in Staten Island, NY December 16, 2010
Nub Connecticut 464T
If you like looking like a mafioso or a crooked banker form the 20's, this is your smoke. If you like great cigars this is also your smoke. It smokes as long as a churchill and gets better with each draw. I couldn't bear to throw the stub away. Even when you are feeling the heat off the burn this cigar is smooth and tasteful. I also found 8 nubs for 20 bucks? You gotta be kidding me. My new #1.
Tommy V in Memphis December 6, 2010
Nub Connecticut 354
Great smoke. Nice woody and nutty flavors very mild. Excellent burn and draw, construction is top of the line a great looking and smoking cigar. Burn time was over 1 hour easy. Well worth the money.
Ken Christensen in Sammamish Washington October 31, 2010
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