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Nub Habano Reviews

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Nub Habano 460
I've only tried one of the Habano so I cannot say anything about its consistency except throughout the one I tried which was decent. It was a great flavored, rich and creamy smoke. I will agree with the other reviews in that it has a tighter than desired draw and you have to stay on it to keep it lit but enjoyable. Loved the Camaroon much better but that s a completely different flavor story.
Roscoe767 in Foothills NC February 12, 2015
Nub Habano 460
"Bad Draw"
I probably received a bad one, and hopefully it' s a one off, but this NUB had a terrible draw. Barely got through one third of this stick and couldn't continue as my face was starting to hurt from attempting to coax smoke from it. Had a much more positive experience with the NUB Connecticut.
Raf in Addis January 10, 2015
Nub Habano 460
"My favorite!"
Nub Habano is my reliable, go-to favorite cigar. I m not good at describing flavors, I just know when I ve found a Gar I can love. Consistent burn, thick, creamy smoke output, nice texture in the mouth. Compares with the Perdomo Habano and the Edge Habano, but I think the Nub has a touch more strength and flavor.
Rich in Abalama July 19, 2014
Nub Habano 464T
"Very nice"
A really nice smoke from start to finish I don t know the review lingo but others say it has a caramel, cedar, ...I tasted the caramel, a taste not familiar to me but very satisfying. A unique taste, very subtle but distinct. That s my attempt at a review, I really like this cigar. definitely would buy it again.
hiroshi in va May 8, 2014
Nub Habano 358
"Good Cigar"
No issues with burn or draw. Flavor was of cinnamon and some spicy tones along with earth. Not a bad cigar at all and worth a shot.
Anthony in California May 8, 2014
Nub Habano 460
"Very nice"
very nice cigar, good flavours, although a little one dimensional. has a lot of promise, debating if i should put 5 in the humidor and age them for a year
Douglas in New Zealand January 24, 2014
Nub Habano 466
"Mixed Feelings"
I've had several of these and have always enjoyed them, BUT today I only made through a third of a cigar before giving up. It burned hot and uneven, terrible draw,tasted weird, and was a complete disappointment. I hope it was just a aberration.
Chris B in Georgia November 30, 2013
Nub Habano 466
"Love it!"
I love this cigar!
Cbaum in Georgia October 24, 2013
Nub Habano 466
They sell for over 9 bucks a stick at the local smoke shop. I get mine here for 5 or under.That's a pretty good deal!
Eric in Crete, IL March 7, 2013
Nub Habano 466
"Amazing smoke!"
Great cigar. I Was very happy with it, Well worth the price. I Will be buying more soon :)
Scottie in Texas December 13, 2012
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