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Nub Habano Reviews

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Nub Habano 460
"Very nice"
very nice cigar, good flavours, although a little one dimensional. has a lot of promise, debating if i should put 5 in the humidor and age them for a year
Douglas in New Zealand January 24, 2014
Nub Habano 466
"Mixed Feelings"
I've had several of these and have always enjoyed them, BUT today I only made through a third of a cigar before giving up. It burned hot and uneven, terrible draw,tasted weird, and was a complete disappointment. I hope it was just a aberration.
Chris B in Georgia November 30, 2013
Nub Habano 466
"Love it!"
I love this cigar!
Cbaum in Georgia October 24, 2013
Nub Habano 466
They sell for over 9 bucks a stick at the local smoke shop. I get mine here for 5 or under.That's a pretty good deal!
Eric in Crete, IL March 7, 2013
Nub Habano 466
"Amazing smoke!"
Great cigar. I Was very happy with it, Well worth the price. I Will be buying more soon :)
Scottie in Texas December 13, 2012
Nub Habano 466
This is the very best smoke i have ever had. i've been a connoiesseur of fine cigars for about 7 years and once i found the NUB HABANO i cant get enough. I recommend this to everyone. OUTSTANDING SMOKE ALWAYS!!!!!!
RaySmitty in DC October 3, 2012
Nub Habano 464T
"Great cigar Wonderful taste"
Best cigar i have had to date. I am a pretty novice smoker but this cigar is really good. Wonderful taste, you won't be disapointed. This will probably be my regular smoke from now on.
Steven in ND July 10, 2012
Nub Habano 460
"Nice concept, suspect execution"
Light up a Nub Habano, and you're certain to turn at least a few heads, for the novelty of the Nub lies in its shape: it's short but thick, guaranteed to produce a consistent smoke from beginning to end. I certainly believe Nub cigars accomplish this goal, but for me, this isn't necessarily a selling point. The flavor of the Habano was lacking in complexity, and because of the diminutive length, the smoker is not likely to experience any flavor development. Despite its length, the cigar should last for 45 minutes to an hour, but my own Habano flickered out numerous times, leading me to believe that Nub is potentially a high-maintenance smoke requiring near-constant draws. My personal opinion is that Nub presents a novel smoking concept, and if you enjoy consistent flavors and thick cigars, this will be the stick for you. If you're expecting complex flavors that develop and build with the cigar, then I suggest you look elsewhere.
Ryan in Maryland July 2, 2012
Nub Habano 460
"Keeps going out, grrrr"
I really love the Oliva company and almost everything they are associated with. AND yes, I do love these NUB sticks ......BUT! When I get to about the middle they burn out! I have to relight and then its shorter so you gets heat draw. Plus, 2 of the 3 I have smoked all burned uneven. Maybe its my fault but these are the only sticks that do it. I bought a sampler that has 2 of each Habano (8 total). I love the taste but i wanna kick back and not watch it to relight it
DetroitSquirreL in Detroit, MI May 29, 2012
Nub Habano 460
"Too Bad! Hit Or Miss Cigar!"
Inconsistent! Great Taste, Nice Draw, Rich Creamy Smoke.... those are the good ones. Then you'll get one with a big ol' stem running right up the wrapper, or such a poor burn that by the time you get it to smoke properly, the NUB is a nublet! I'll have to see some drastic changes in the reviews before I ever shell out for these again. Too Bad!
Lance in Vermont May 22, 2012
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